Bucknell's Renewable Energy Scholars (RES) are a group of students, staff, and faculty who seek to educate the University community and the public about the theories, principles and benefits of renewable energy technologies. The academic group is facilitated by Dina El-Mogazi, director of the Sustainable Design program of the Center for Sustainability & the Environment and advised by professors Nate Siegel (mechanical engineering) and Peter Jansson (electrical & computer engineering). RES presents a speaker series through the academic year. Since 2015, faculty, students, staff and consultants associated with RES have collaborated to plan and design a living learning laboratory for experimentation with renewable energy and complementary sustainable design features.

Living Greenhouse

The Living Greenhouse, a geodesic dome structure located on "Energy Hill" adjacent to the water tower, functions as a teaching and research tool for the integration of sustainable and renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, anaerobic digestion, with sustainable design strategies like rainwater collection, sustainable food production, and composting. The Living Building Challenge, one of the most rigorous standards in green building design and construction, has served as a set of guiding principles for the design of the building and site. || Related News

The Renewable Energy Scholars Speakers' Series

The Renewable Energy Scholars Speakers' Series seeks to educate the campus community on the benefits and challenges of the many alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. Over the years our collaborative group of faculty, staff, students, and outside consultants have presented to the Bucknell community on solar photovoltaic power, concentrating solar power, solar thermal power, wind power, biofuels, anaerobic digestion, tidal power, energy conservation, energy monitoring, and energy efficiency, among others.

2016-17 Speakers 

April, 13 2017. Challenges and Opportunities for Going Forward with Carbon Neutrality at Bucknell
Professors Nate Siegel and Peter Jansson explored some of the regionally and economically appropriate options for Bucknell to move forward in our 2008 commitment to become carbon neutral by the year 2030. Followed by a generous discussion period.

Feb. 23, 2017. Neil Boyd: What Does It Mean to Manage Sustainably?
Prof. Boyd, co-director of the Institute for Leadership & Sustainable Technology (ILST) at Bucknell, discussed sustainability management and shared some insights about the ILST program during the talk.

Nov. 10, 2016. Justin Charles: Renewable Energy Projects in the Susquehanna Valley and Beyond
Justin Charles '05 is the Managing Member of local solar energy company Lenape Solar. Justin talked about his most notable energy projects and share his experiences as a renewable energy entrepreneur.

Oct. 13, 2016. Ken Ogawa: Energy & Bucknell's Master Plan
Associate VP of Facilities, Ken Ogawa, discussed Bucknell's utilities and long-term sustainability goals. Ken also talked about campus master planning and discussed how that might impact energy and infrastructure needs.

Sept. 15, 2016. Marcus B. Sheffer: The Living Building Challenge: Introduction to the Energy Petal
Energy/environmental consultant and LEED Fellow, Marcus B. Sheffer gave an overview of the Living Building ChallengeTM Energy Petal. Topics included the no combustion rule, resiliency, integrative practice, and the design of net positive building projects.

Highlights from previous years of the RES Speaker series include:

Joe Phillips '71, Business Leader, IBM's Global Business Services: Smarter Buildings and Cities
Jonathan Bean, Assistant Prof. Markets, Innovation & Design: Passive House Design
Seth Orsborn, Assistant Prof. Management: Solar Decathlon competition
Laura Beninati, Associate Prof. Mechanical Engineering: Marine Hydrokinetics
Stephen K. Oney '85, Chief Science Adviser, Ocean Thermal Energy Corp.: Ocean Thermal Energy
Thomas DiStefano, Prof. Civil & Environmental Engineering: Waste to Energy
W. Blake Sturcke '93, EVP and Corporate Development/Founder, Turning Earth: Anaerobic Digestion
Deborah Sills, Assistant Prof. Civil & Environmental Engineering: Algae As An Alternative Fuel
Ben Marsh, Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies: Food vs. Fuel