Arts CommunityLearn how science has changed the world. Participate in hands-on activities. Visit places where breakthroughs have occurred. Appreciate science through the lenses of other disciplines, including history, philosophy and education.

RESC 098 14 CRN: 16941
Digital Dawn
Prof. Peter Brooksbank, Mathematics

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Writing Level 1

We are all aware of the extremely rapid developments in recent years that have led to the technology driven "digital age" that we live in. But what were the big conceptual ideas and discoveries that paved the way for these recent technological advances? In the spirit of the Discovery Residential College, this course peers back through history in an attempt to pinpoint the major intellectual strides in the art and science of computing. Who were the individuals responsible, and what provided the impetus for their work? Reflecting on past innovations will provide us with a keener appreciation and understanding of the present. In particular, we will examine the big computational challenges that our society faces today, and explore ideas for meeting these challenges in the future.

RESC 098 15 CRN: 16876
From Observation to Knowledge
Prof. Karen Castle, Chemistry

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Writing Level 1

In this seminar, part of the Discovery Residential College, students will gain a greater understanding of the role of science in society and begin to appreciate how science influences our understanding of the universe around us." Our approach will involve watching and performing 'cool science tricks', working toward understanding the phenomena ourselves, and putting the related original scientific discoveries into historical context." Students will tackle big questions such as 'when does an observation become new knowledge?' and 'is scientific advancement always a good thing?' as they explore the fascinating connections between scientific discovery and societal development." This seminar does not require any special knowledge of science or engineering and students of all backgrounds and interests are welcome."


RESC 098 16 CRN: 16834
Revolutions in Science
Prof. Matthew Slater, Philosophy

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Engineering Humanities, Writing Level 1

How has science changed over the centuries? What can its history tell us about contemporary scientific practice and its role in society? This seminar will trace the early history of science from myth, ancient Greek natural philosophy through the scientific revolution. We will focus in particular on the development of cosmology, geology, biology, and medicine over the last thousand or so years. Along the way, we will address a series of philosophical questions about science: Is science a special or privileged way of expanding our knowledge of the world? What makes a theory "scientific"? Is there such a thing as "the scientific method"? Is science progressive? What propels scientific revolutions? How has science changed our conception of ourselves and our place in the universe? No particular background in science will be presumed; the only prerequisite is a willingness to examine it in from a historical and humanistic context.


RESC 098 17 CRN: 17817
World of Treasures: Finding Earth's Species
Prof. Chris Martine, Biology

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Writing Level 1

World of Treasures: Finding Earth's Species is a Foundations course focused on the ongoing task of discovering, describing, and naming the species on our planet. The course covers the history of species discovery and taxonomy, the science of biodiversity description in the current day, and the process of giving names to living organisms ñ using the instructor's own current work in describing new plant species as both a case study and an opportunity for students to participate in species discovery/description. The implications of this centuries-old scientific endeavor on conservation, policy and politics are explored; and the link between the hunt for species and public excitement for biodiversity science is examined, including roles now being played by social/new media and electronic publishing."

Discovery College Student Staff

Maggie Graves, Junior Fellow

Maggie Graves

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Chemical Engineering

"What drew me in to the Discovery Residential College was the unanimous excitement to learn about concepts and ideas that were not strictly in everyone's major. "I am a naturally curious person and Discovery was a perfect fit for my inquisitive personality. "I can't wait to see what this year's new members will bring!"

Nathan Luftman, Junior Fellow

Nathan Luftman

Hometown: Emmaus, PA
Major: Biology & Film Studies

"Hello, all Bucknell First Years! As an alumnus of the Discovery Residential College, I can personally attest to its spectacular influence on my first year. The activities of the Discovery College gave me insights into my majors, as well as many other subjects! The best thing about the Discovery College is just that: it allowed me to explore anything I wanted!"

Jessica Medrano, Junior Fellow

Jessica Medrano

Hometown: Rockville, MD
Major: Biochemistry

"The Discovery Res College definitely opened my eyes to ideas that have never crossed my mind before. Itís the best way to meet people with the same interests as you but not necessarily the same major. Youíll constantly be learning from the people around you, a lot of which wonít be related to academics at all. Discovery is definitely properly named and you wonít be missing out from meeting your future best friends to having a magic show during one of your classes!"

Ben Wein, Junior Fellow

Ben Wein

Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Major: Chemical Engineering & Economics

"The Discovery Res College was one of the most unique and rewarding experiences that I have had here at Bucknell. Discovery has a lot to offer with the fantastic trips, interesting writing seminars and most of all a great group of people. In my experience, the res college program was a great way to start off my time here at Bucknell and I can't wait to be part of it again next year!"

Ethan Wise, Resident Fellow

Ethan Wise

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Major: Electrical Engineering

"Discovery College gave me the opportunity to go on awesome trips and make lots of new friends during my first year. Getting to start a new residential college was exciting and I hope the incoming class has an even better time going on trips and connecting with the Discovery alumni."


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