Global CollegeExplore issues related to globalization and culture in this interconnected age. Learn how the modern world came to be and understand its successes and problems. Learn how to initiate change. Challenge your beliefs and look beyond the conventional.

RESC 098 06 CRN: 17430
The Political Economy of Globalization: Economic Integration, Sovereignty and Democracy. Can they all be achieved?
Prof. Berhanu Nega, Economics

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Writing Level 1

This course, which is specifically designed for the Global Res College is aimed at helping students to carefully think through the challenges facing globalization in our contemporary world. In particular the course deals with the theoretical and practical difficulty of achieving the three objectives that are promised under contemporary globalization namely economic integration and the prosperity that is supposed to follow, the sovereignty of nations to determine their economic and social policies in their own countries and a democratic political dispensation that makes political leaders truly accountable to their citizens.

The course brings three social science disciplines (economics, political science and international relations) together to litigate the issue of globalization and its benefits as well as discontents. Students will not only have a chance to have a conversation across disciplines, but equally importantly they will be exposed to competing perspectives on the costs and benefits of globalization.In a small seminar format, this class will engage students in intense class discussion as well as peer to peer conversations in the corridors of their residential housing as the issues to be raised in this class have direct implications to their day to day lives.

RESC 098 07 CRN: 17834
Revolution! A Global History

Prof. Mehmet Dosemeci, History

Fulfills the Following Requirements:
Writing Level 1

Since 1776, humans have initiated and participated in over 300 revolutions. This course will introduce students to the global history and theory of revolution in the modern period. Its basic premise is that revolution, and the attendant attempts to counter, cordon, or direct it, has defined the modern era of humanity.

The course begins by asking a simple question: How did revolution become something that human beings can do? What made it possible for humans to first think about then enact an abrupt, transgressive, and intentional transformation of the society in which they live? From this initial question, the course will examine the viral spread of revolution across the earth over the past two centuries. Topics that we will engage with include: Changes in the meaning and practice of revolution, the relation of revolution to ideologies of nationalism, democracy, socialism, secularism, and religion; the emergence of people who call themselves revolutionaries (and conservatives); revolutionary spaces/time; and the concepts of permanent and counter revolution. The course will conclude with discussion of the global uprisings that have rocked the world since 2011 and the prospects for revolution in the United States today.

Global College Student Staff

Nina Nevarez, Junior Fellow

Nina Nevarez

Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
Major: Political Science & Education

"Coming to college can be scary, even at a small place like Bucknell. When I learned about res colleges, I decided to try it so I wouldn't miss out on being apart of a smaller community that would make my freshman year a little easier. I picked Global because it seemed open --it's broad enough that it attracts a variety of people, including international students. Not only did I get to spend my year with people from all over the country and the world, I got to know two professors in my intended field. Being in the Global res college made a significant, entirely positive impact on my first year here!"

Sarah Palombo, Resident Fellow

Sarah Palombo

Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Environmental Studies & Education

"Growing up in New York City and attending an International school, I was used to being part of a diverse community. I was afraid I would lose this diversity when I went to college and that is why I joined the Global Residential College. As soon as I arrived on campus I felt like I was part of a great community. I felt at home as I looked around and saw the diversity I was used to. The Residential College Program has given me a great sense of community and has been such a rewarding experience that I would strongly recommend to any incoming freshmen."

Austin Smith, Junior Fellow

Austin Smith

Hometown: Hazlet Township, NJ
Major: Global Management

"Coming to Bucknell from New Jersey was not much of an adventure. "I only live three and a half hours and one state away from school. Being in the Global Residential College, though, has opened me up to some incredible new experiences. "I now have friends from a handful of countries across the globe and have been able to gain an entirely new perspective on the way I see the world. "I wouldn't trade my experience for anything!"


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