Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
  • M.S., University of California, Berkeley
  • Studied in M. Arch. (professional design degree) program, Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • B.A., Univeristy of California, Berkeley

Teaching Interests

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Qualitative research
  • Principles of marketing
  • Creativity, innovation, and design thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • New product development

Research Interests

  • Domestic consumption
  • Person branding
  • Consumer culture theory
  • Sustainable Marketing
  • Consumer Meaning
  • Retail environments and other spaces of consumption
  • Brand meanings and relationships
  • Social and participatory media

Selected Publications


Bean, Jonathan and Hanne Larsen (forthcoming 2012). “The Atmosphere of Cosmopolitanism: Mono- or Multi- cultural?,” Association for Consumer Research Conference, October 2012, Vancouver, Canada. (In special session “Making Places: Sensemaking and Sensegiving in Domestic, Communal and Retail Settings.”)

Bean, Jonathan, and Hanne Larsen (2012). “Producing Narrative for Consumption: Cooking up Stories with Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference, April 2012, Boston, MA.

Bean, Jonathan and Hanne Larsen (2012). “Lox and Lax: How Marcus Samuelsson Merges Ethnicities for Consumption,” Reconfiguring White Ethnicity:  Expressivity, Identity, Race, Queens College, April 2012, CUNY.

Bean, Jonathan, with Arlie Adkins and Jacqueline Kohon (February 2012). “Qualitative Approaches to Urban Planning,” Association of American  Geographers Conference, February 2012, New York City.

Arsel, Zeynep and Jonathan Bean (2010). “Networked Styles and Normalizing Taste Narratives,” Association for Consumer Research Conference, October 2010, Jacksonville, FL. (In special session “Making and Consuming Places: From Discrete Things to the Big Picture,” co-chaired with Zeynep Arsel, with participants Jeppe Trolle Linnet, Yesim Ozalp, Rosa Llamas, and Russell Belk.)

Arsel, Zeynep and Jonathan Bean (2010). “Collective Taste Making: Analyzing Apartment Therapy Narrative,” Consumer Culture Theeory Conference, June 2010, Madison, WI. (In special session “Revisiting Space in Consumer Culture Theory,” co-chaired with Zeynep Arsel.)

Bean, Jonathan (2010). “Historical Ethnography?” presented at Spaces of History/Histories of Space Conference, May 2010, University of California Berkeley.

Bean, Jonathan (2010). “Between Representation and Practice: Hygge and Coziness,” presented at Architecture Research Colloquium, January 2010, University of California Berkeley.

Bean, Jonathan (2009). “Getting Cozy —“Nu Vi Skal Hygge Os!” presented at Department of Marketing and Management, June 2009, University of Southern Denmark.

Bean, Jonathan (2009), “Getting Cozy,” presented at Lancaster Sociology PhD  Summer Conference, June 2009, Lancaster University (UK) Department of Sociology.

Bean, Jonathan (2009). “Hygge Sig,” poster, Consumer Culture Theory 4 Conference, June, 2009, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bean, Jonathan (2009). “40 Years of Hygge in Bo Bedre,” presented at Motion and Emotion Within Place Conference, October 2009, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Bean, Jonathan. “A Cozy Future?” presented at Imagining the Future Domestic Interior Workshop, January 2008, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Bean, Jonathan (2003), “Tract Attraction: How — and Why — the Suburbs Sell,” presented at Environmental Design Research Association  Conference, 2003, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Show All


Bean, Jonathan (2010). “Portland Institute for Practice Innovation,” presented at Show & Tell PDX — Presentations from the Future, Substance, Portland, OR.

Bean, Jonathan (2010). “Making Sustainability Normal: What Designers Can Do,” presented at American Institute of Graphic Artists, Portland Chapter/SHIFT: A Green Salon, Ziba Design Auditorium, Portland, OR.

Guest lecture: Explorative Qualitative Research 2009 University of Oregon Product Design Program. Highest evaluated guest lecture. Research design course taught by
Dawn Nafus.

Guest lecture: Ethnography in Industry 2008 University of California, Berkeley Department of Architecture. Social and Cultural Processes in Architecture course taught by Galen Cranz.


Bean, Jonathan (2012). “Click a Bird On It,” Interactions, Magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery, 19 (2). [Daniela Rosner and I write a regular column, “Make It Work,” for Interactions.]

Bean, Jonathan and Daniela Rosner (2012). “Old Hat: Craft Versus Design,” Interactions, Magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery, 19 (1).

Bean, Jonathan and Daniela Rosner (2010). “On Hacking IKEA: It’s More than Just Cheap,” ambidextrous, Journal of the Stanford D-School, 11 (Spring), 43-45.

Bean, Jonathan (2010). Interview with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, The Splendid Table, American Public Media.

Bean, Jonathan (2009). “Cozying Up: Designing Objects with Hygge in Mind,”ambidextrous, Journal of the Stanford D- School, 12 (Spring), 33-35.

Bean, Jonathan and David Lehrer (2007). “Opportunities with Radiant Cooling,” Centerline, newsletter of the Berkeley Center for the Built Environment, 1 (Winter), 3-6.

Bean, Jonathan, David Lehrer, and Kirstin Weeks (2008). “A Model Success: The Carnegie Institute for Global Ecology,” Case study document for the Berkeley Center for the Built Environment.

Bean, Jonathan (2001). “To See and Be Seen: A Critical Look at the Sketchbook,” Concrete, 2, 18-21.


Design/History/Revolution, New York City 2012

CHI 2012 (Human-Computer Interaction Conference), Austin, Texas 2012

Design History Society, Barcelona 2011


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