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Campaigns and elections; state politics; political behavior; gender; race; ethnicity

Atiya Kai Stokes-Brown
Assistant professor of political science
Phone: 570-577-2440
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: Research and teaching interests include campaigns and elections, state politics, political behavior, gender and race/ethnicity. Work focuses on the political incorporation of women and racial/ethnic groups into the American political system and issues of representation. Research projects examine the influence of social group identity on political behavior, in particular with regards to campaigns and elections, Latino subgroup relations and attitudes toward various public policies. Currently examining the role that race plays in Latino politics, in particular how Latino racial identity influences political engagement and what factors are influential in structuring Latino racial identity. Another major component of research includes gender politics, including the manner in which women candidates' campaigns influence women's political engagement. Published in several peer-reviewed journals on political research.

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Last updated 12/30/2009


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