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Argentina; Chile; Costa Rica; Cuba; Haiti; Nicaragua; Venezuela; democracies in Central and South America; Comparative politics, democratization, political change; Latin America

John Peeler
Professor emeritus of political science
Phone: 570-577-1300
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: Has done field research in Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and on the transition to democracy in Chile, other Latin American countries; former Fulbright lecturer at the University of Costa Rica; author of Building Democracy in Latin America (Lynne Rienner Publishers, third edition 2009), and Latin American Democracies: Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela (University of North Carolina Press, 1985).

Economic geography; development and the environment; Caribbean geography; Caribbean; Cuba

Paul Susman
Professor of geography and chair of the geography department
Phone: 570-577-1421, 570-577-1222
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: Specializes in Third World development.

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