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Animal intelligence; animal rights and welfare; ethics in animal research; endangered species; feral children; sociology of primates (especially monkeys and baboons).

Douglas Candland
Professor emeritus of psychology and former director of animal behavior program
Phone: 570-577-1431 (o), 570-524-2355 (h)
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: Created Bucknell's animal behavior program in the 1960s; author of Feral Children and Clever Animals (Oxford University Press, 1993); editor of the Review of General Psychology, the journal of the American Psychological Association; and recipient of the Annual Award for Distinguished Teaching by the American Psychological Association and the annual award for contribution to education by the Animal behavior Society of America.

Ethics and philosophy

Jeffrey Turner
Associate professor of philosophy
Phone: 570-577-3461

Ethics in engineering; wastewater treatment

Aarne Vesilind
Professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering
Phone: 570-577-3827

Social and political theory; legal thought; ethics; politics of culture; early modern British political culture; contemporary Anglo-American political theory; history of social thought

Amy McCready
Associate professor of political science
Phone: 570-577-1300

Last updated 8/30/2013

Modern Japanese religion and philosophy; Buddhist ethics; comparative ethics; peace studies

James Mark Shields
Assistant professor of Asian religions
Phone: 570-577-1336
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: Co-editor of Teaching Buddhism in the West: From the Wheel to the Web (Routledge Curzon, 2002); editorial board of Journal of Progressive Buddhism; editor/reviewer for Journal of Buddhist Ethics; reviewer for Journal of Peace and Change; assistant editor of Digital Dictionary of Buddhism.

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Last updated 12/29/2009

Business ethics; Corporate sustainability; Environmental economics; Managing for sustainability

Jamie Hendry
Associate Professor of Management
Phone: 570-577-3745

Last updated 7/17/2013

Philosophy; aesthetics; philosophy of art, ethics, and applied ethics; feminism; environmental philosophy; intersection of environmental and feminist philosophy; maternal aesthetics; philosophy of humor

Sheila Lintott
Assistant professor of philosophy
Phone: 570-577-1708

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