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Geophysics; near surface geophysics; hydrogeophysics; environmental and engineering geophysics; ground penetrating radar (GPR); electromagnetic methods; seismic methods; magnetic methods; resistivity methods; gravity methods; hydrology; hydrogeology; infiltration; remote sensing; environmental geology; non-invasive testing; global positioning systems (GPS)

Robert W. Jacob
Assistant professor of environmental geophysics and hydrology
Phone: 570-577-1791
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: President of Near Surface Geophysics Section of Society of Geophysicists. "Near Surface Geophysics and unsaturated zone water movement," Jacob and Hermance, 2006, Subsurface Sensing and Technology Journal.

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Last updated 7/18/2013

Geology; Hydrogeology; Environmental geology; Karst formation; Subsurface fluid flow; Aquifers

Ellen K. Herman
Assistant Professor of Geology
Phone: 570-577-1583

Last updated 7/17/2013


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