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The Chinese economy; the Asia-Pacific economies; international economics; economic development; economies in transition; U.S./China economic relations.

Wei Ge
Associate professor of economics
Phone: 570-577-3452
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: Former deputy director of the Division for Quantitative Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; scholarship on the economics of the Pacific Rim, the role of export processing zones in Chinese economic development and economic transition and development in China.

Chinese politics and economy; Chinese foreign policy; U.S.-China relations; U.S.-East Asian relations; East Asian political economy; foreign policies of North and South Korea, Taiwan and Japan; the four "Asian tigers."

Zhiqun Zhu
MacArthur Chair in East Asian Politics, associate professor of political science and international relations
Phone: 570-577-2050
Accomplishments/areas of interest/selected publications: Well published on Chinese foreign policy, U.S.-China relations and East Asian international political economy. Book on U.S.-China relations, "US-China Relations in the 21st Century: Power Transition and Peace," published in 2006. Working on new book on China's new energy diplomacy.

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