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Intermittent network connectivity issuesBetween 10:05 and 10:25 this morning, our DNS servers were having some performance issues which resulted in a degraded network experience. The issues have been addressed and the service is stable. The team continues to monitor the DNS servers.9/5/18 10:19 9/5/18 14:39
Campus Network InstabilityWe experienced issues with DNS resolution between 10:00am and 10:40am. The system has been stable since then.8/29/18 10:20 8/29/18 20:33
Intermittent network instabilityWe are currently experiencing some intermittent issues with the campus network, our engineers are troubleshooting.8/15/18 09:40 8/15/18 11:19
Wireless Network Maintenance - Saturday July 28th, 8pm *UpdatedOn Saturday, July 28th beginning at 8 pm, the campus' wireless network will undergo maintenance for a software update. During this time, wireless clients will experience a brief period of intermittent connectivity. We originally anticipated this maintenance would be completed by 8:30 pm, but have subsequently discovered it's taking longer than expected. Users should remain largely unaffected, but access points may continue to reboot periodically throughout the evening as they each upgrade their code. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you have any issues beyond this maintenance window, please contact the tech desk @ x77777 or techdesk@bucknell.edu7/23/18 09:47 7/29/18 00:27
Scheduled Network Maintenance, Internet Connectivity, July 28th @ 7am Starting at 7am on Saturday morning, July 28th, during the all-campus power outage, Networking will conduct a brief test of our firewalls and internet routers to see if an issue that affected our internet connectivity months ago still persists. If all goes well, the test will not be noticeable. Otherwise, there will be a brief interruption of internet connectivity. This will not affect traffic between devices in the data center or on-campus access to Bucknell resources, only our internet connection may be affected. We expect this test to be completed by 7:30 am. If you have any issues that persist beyond this window, please contact the tech desk @ x77777 or techdesk@bucknell.edu7/23/18 09:18 7/28/18 08:04
Connectivity to hosted services has been restored.While service has been restored, our ISP vendor continues to finalize the last of the necessary repairs to their fiber network. The Bucknell networking team continues to monitor.6/25/18 07:55 6/26/18 14:24
Brief Localized Network Maintenance Sunday, May 20th @ 10pmBeginning at 10pm on Sunday, May 20th, the Network group will be performing maintenance on the router that provides network access to the following buildings: Computer Center, Dana, Breakiron, O'Leary, Olin, Rooke, Biology, LC, Post Office, Campus Theater, DeWitt This maintenance is not expected to last more than 30 minutes. During this time, both wired and wireless connections will be unavailable. If you continue to experience issues past this brief window, please contact the tech desk at x77777 or techdesk@bucknell.edu5/18/18 09:42 5/20/18 22:27
Wireless Network Maintenance - Friday May 11th, 11pmWe will be performing maintenance on the campus wireless network beginning at 11pm on Friday, May 11th and continuing until 3am May 12th. Clients connected to the wireless network at that time should remain connected throughout this maintenance event. We are not anticipating any disruption, but should you experience any issues during this time that persist beyond the maintenance window, please contact the Tech Desk at x77777 or techdesk@bucknell.edu5/7/18 16:39 5/12/18 03:25
Lower Campus Athletics & Bucknell West Network DownWe are experiencing an issue with our networking equipment in the KLARC distribution which is affecting everything that is linked through that building including the golf course, driving range, Art Barn, Sunflower, Bucknell West, Athletics Complex and Graham building. A technician is looking at the issue.4/17/18 06:53 4/17/18 08:11
Campus Internet Service StabilityWe are experiencing some issues with our primary campus internet connection (which impacted both wired and wireless connections), the networking group has us up and running on our backup connection and are working with our internet service provider to locate and address the issue. 4/13/18 10:41 4/13/18 13:00
Network Outage - Affecting Sections of Dana, Breakiron, Olin, O'Leary and Computer CenterA piece of networking equipment has failed, as such, we currently are experiencing an outage in some sections of Breakiron, Dana, Olin, O'Leary, Computer Center, LC and Biology/Chemistry. A technician is onsite working to resolve the issue.4/13/18 01:06 4/13/18 02:37