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Cognos - Connectivity IssuesWe're currently experiencing connectivity issues with the Cognos reporting application. We're troubleshooting with the networking team to resolve as soon as possible.7/22/19 08:46 7/22/19 11:04
linuxremote and outagesThe following systems will be unavailable Thursday, 7/18/2019, from 6am-8am while maintenance is being performed: (aka, Please note that as part of this maintenance we will also be upgrading PHP on to version 7.2. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact if you have any questions.7/17/19 14:23 7/18/19 08:00
BAM UnavailableThe Bucknell Account Management system ( is currently unavailable. Users are not able to change their Bucknell passwords or update any other information in BAM. We are working to resolve the issue.7/17/19 10:06 7/17/19 10:29
BAM maintenanceThe Bucknell Account Management system ( will be down for scheduled maintenance on Wednesday 17 July from 6:00am to 7:00am. During this time clients will not be able to change their Bucknell passwords or update any other information in BAM.7/16/19 13:20 7/17/19 07:05
MyHome unavailableLogin to the MyHome portal is currently unavailable. Our staff are working on the issue and will have the service restored as soon as possible.7/11/19 15:45 7/12/19 10:52
Ascend OutageAscend is currently unavailable. L&IT staff are working on fixing this issue. Resolution time currently unknown7/11/19 09:00 7/11/19 09:29
EDGE is currently unavailableAccess to EDGE is currently unavailable through Single Sign on. L&IT staff are working on fixing this issue.7/10/19 16:08 7/10/19 16:52
Campus Voicemail System - Corrupt EmailsDuring the process of recovering our voicemail server, there was a period of time where email access to voicemails was restored before the appropriate security settings were applied. As consequence, any email attachments sent via the voicemail system at that time are not able to be played. Users are still able to access those messages, but must do so through their phone and disregard the emailed version. Any new messages that have come through since we applied the appropriate security settings should be accessible via email once again.7/3/19 15:56 7/10/19 11:41
Print-3 Canon printer queues unavailableThere will be an upgrade to the print-3 server, which holds all the canon printer queues, from 7am-8am Wednesday morning, July 10th. During this time any Canon printer queues on that server will be unavailable. This will not affect anyone using the "Follow Me Printers" which means those using the BUBWPrint or BUColorPrint queues on pharos-ps1-prd, or webprint.7/8/19 08:51 7/10/19 08:00
B-Bill Outage Beginning Thursday, July 4 at 11 pm until Monday, July 8 at 9 am for scheduled maintenance.B-bill will be unavailable beginning Thursday, July 4 at 11 pm until Monday, July 8 at 9 am for scheduled maintenance. 7/3/19 10:58 7/8/19 10:00
Campus Voicemail System - Email Access DownWe are currently experiencing an issue with one of our campus voicemail system servers. As a result, voicemail can still be sent and received, but the ability to check your voicemail via email is currently not working. Users will need to log into the voicemail system directly from their phone in order to access their messages. You can also access your voice mail messages from off campus If you don't remember your password, you can reset your password by following these instructions Please email if you need further assistance. Thank you6/28/19 09:46 7/3/19 15:49
Telephone System MaintenanceWe will be performing Telephone System Maintenance Thursday, 6/27 from 9pm to 10pm. This should be non-user affecting.6/26/19 14:04 6/27/19 22:00
HP Printing UnavailableWednesday, June 26th from approx. 7-8am, printing to HP printers on campus that are setup on the servers 'print-1' and 'print-2', will be unavailable during the time the servers are upgraded. Printing to the Canon's printers and the 'Follow Me Printers' will not be affected.6/24/19 10:24 6/26/19 08:00
BUTV unavailableBUTV is currently unavailable. Our vendor was onsite on June 19 and determined that a part has failed. They will be back to repair the system with a replacement part on June 20. Thanks for your patience. 6/19/19 13:51 6/20/19 14:47
Pharos (Follow Me Printing) UpgradeThe 'Follow Me Printers' will be unavailable on Monday morning from 7-7:30am for an upgrade to the software.6/14/19 11:28 6/17/19 07:30
Network Storage OS upgrade 6/13 5-7pmLibrary & IT will be upgrading our network storage cluster operating system on Thursday, June 13 from 5pm to 7pm. This maintenance is not expected to cause any disruption, however there is possibility of brief (5-10 minute) interruptions to some services. The systems that may experience these brief interruptions during the maintenance window are Netspace (File services), Xanthus, Unixspace, Informant, Titanium, and Dragonstorm.6/7/19 14:17 6/13/19 19:00
Cognos Prod Outage/Upgrade - Saturday 6/8The Cognos reporting application will be upgraded this Saturday morning, starting at 7AM. We anticipate that it'll be back up by early afternoon.6/5/19 14:26 6/8/19 14:00
Brief EZProxy outage - Friday, June 7th 8AMEZProxy will be unavailable for a brief period between 8 and 9 am on Friday, June 7, 2019 for necessary system maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.6/5/19 11:48 6/7/19 09:00
West Branch Submissions site down for maintenanceThe West Branch Submissions site ( will be unavailable from 8am-9am on 5/22/2019 for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.5/22/19 08:01 5/22/19 09:00
Jobs@Bucknell Administrative login not workingThe PageUp (Jobs@Bucknell) login to the internal interface is not working. Technical staff are engaging with the vendor on a resolution.5/14/19 11:11 5/14/19 13:46
PageUp unavailableSingle sign on to the administrative side of the PageUp People recruiting system is down. Technical staff are engaged.5/13/19 07:56 5/13/19 10:20
Confluence down for emergency maintenanceConfluence ( is down for emergency maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.4/10/19 07:07 4/10/19 10:09
Mac Self Service Outage 4/6/2019Self Service on Apple computers will be unavailable from 8AM-5PM Saturday, April 6th, 2019, while the Jamf Software Server is upgraded. 4/2/19 16:16 4/6/19 09:47
Tableau MaintenanceOn Monday, March 18 from 7-8 AM, we will be performing maintenance on Tableau Server. While the system may appear to be available at this time, we ask that users avoid any usage of the system at this time.3/14/19 15:57 3/18/19 08:00
Generator Transfer Switch Testing - Mon, Mar 11th (Library & Trax)Facilities will be performing a test of the generator power transfer switches on Monday, March 11th to ensure the systems in the Library and Trax properly switch over in the event of a failure. The Library test will be run at 6am and will not affect the power in the building. The Trax test will be run at 7am and also will not affect the power in the building. Only the areas protected by the generators will be involved in this event and our redundant UPSs will ensure power remains constant should there be an issue with the switch over.3/8/19 08:30 3/11/19 08:00