Romantic Generations

Ghislaine McDayter and Barry Milligan and Guinn Batten (Eds.)

Essays in Honor of Robert F. Gleckner

ISBN 0-8387-5470-8

These eleven essays, written in honor of the internationally renowned Romanticist Robert F. Gleckner, extend into new areas the abiding interests of a scholar best known for his work on Blake and Byron, but known also as a scholar of wide-ranging eclecticism. While the collection necessarily reflects the different theoretical interests of a generation of Romanticists trained in poststructuralist theory at tDuke University in the 1980s, the essays express a common belief that the study of Romantic literature must not only be professionally serious and personally engaging, it should also reveal the ways in which the often "warring" factions in the critical community can be made to coexist and enrich each other in a scholarly field. By breaking down disciplinary and theoretical barriers, this collection allows for a more productive and interactive discussion about Romanticism than has traditionally been made possible.
The essays unite canonical and non canonical forms of Romantic studies, ranging widely both in their theoretical approaches and in their subjects of study; essays focus on such figures as Wordsworth, Blake, and Burke but also extend to the more "liminal" figures of Lady Caroline Lamb and the contemporary Irish poet Paul Muldoon. A postcolonial examination of Blake's poetry, a new historicist examination of the Christian Hebraic origins of English Republicanism and a study of Burke using the critical framework of Queer Theory, all speak to each other to create a productive "conversation" reflecting the breadth and scope of Romanticism as a field. Further, while the approaches draw from the most recent developments in Marxist, feminist, psychoanalytic, and postcolonial theory, each essay also offers close and detailed readings of essential works in English and Irish Romanticism.
This volume provides an engaging representation of the wide variety of theoretical work emerging in the academy, and a significant intervention in Romantic Studies. Introducing the collection is a tribute to Gleckner written by the celebrated Romanticist Peter Manning, author of Reading Romantics: Texts and Contexts (1990) and a longtime friend of the scholar honored here.

About the editors:

Ghislaine McDayter is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Bucknell University. She is currently completing a book titled Convulsions in Rhyme: Byron, Hysteria, and the Birth of Celebrity.

Barry Milligan is Associate Professor of English at Wright State University. His previous publications include Pleasures and Pains: Opium and the Orient in Nineteenth-Century British Culture.

Guinn Batten is an Associate Professor of English at Washington University in St. Louis. She is the author of The Orphaned Imaginations: Melancholy and Commodity Culture in English Romanticism.


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