Bucknell Studies in Latin American Literature and Theory

General Editor:
Anibal González , Professor of Spanish, Yale University

Series editor: Anibal Gonzalez, Yale University anibal.gonzalez@yale.edu

This highly successful series has published some of the best recent criticism on Latin American literature. Acknowledging the historical links and cultural affinities between Latin American and Iberian literatures, the series productively combines scholarship with theory and welcomes consideration of Spanish and Portuguese texts and topics, while also providing a space of convergence for scholars working in Romance studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, and literary theory.

Forthcoming titles in the series:

Tara Daly. Beyond Human: Vital Materialisms in the Andean Avant-Gardes

Earl E. Fitz. Machado de Assis and Narrative Theory: Language, Art, and Verisimilitude in the Last Six Novels

Naida Garcia-Crespo. National Sentiments, Transnational Realities: Early Puerto Rican Cinema and Nation Building, 1898-1940

Titles in the series:

Mary Beth Tierney-Tello. Mining Memory: Reimagining Self and Nation through Narratives of Childhood in Peru (2017)

Persephone Braham. From Amazons to Zombies: Monsters in Latin America (2016)

Miguel Arnedo-Gómez. Uniting Blacks in a Raceless Nation: Blackness, Afro-Cuban Culture, and Mestizaje in the Prose and Poetry of Nicolás Guillén (2016)

Earl E. Fitz . Machado de Assis and Female Characterization: The Novels (2015)

Jason Cortés . Macho Ethics: Masculinity and Self-Representation in Latino-Caribbean Narrative (2015)

Thomas S. Harrington. Public Intellectuals and Nation Building in the Iberian Peninsula, 1900 - 1925: The Alchemy of Identity (2015)

Brendan Lanctot. Beyond Civilization and Barbarism: Culture and Politics in Postrevolutionary Argentina (2013)

Rebecca E. Biron. Elena Garro and Mexico's Modern Dreams (2013)

Adriana Méndez Rodenas. Transatlantic Travels in Nineteenth-Century Latin America: European Women Pilgrims (2013)

David Kelman. Counterfeit Politics: Secret Plots and Conspiracy Narratives in the Americas (2012)

Elisa Sampson Vera Tudela. Ricardo Palma's Tradiciones (2012)

Andrew Reynolds. The Spanish American Crónica Modernista, Temporality & Material Culture: Modernismo's Unstoppable Presses (2012)

Kathryn M. Mayers. Visions of Empire in Colonial Spanish American Ekphrastic Writing (2011)

Juan Carlos González Espitia. On the Dark Side of the Archive: Nation and Literature in Spanish America at the Turn of the Century (2010)

Jacqueline E. Bixler and Laurietz Seda, Eds. Trans/Acting: Latin American and Latino Performing Arts (2009)

Julia Cuervo Hewitt. Voices Out of Africa in Twentieth-Century Spanish Caribbean Literature (2009)

Raúl Marrero-Fente . Epic, Empire, and Community in the Atlantic World (2008)

Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel . From Lack to Excess: "Minor" Readings of Latin American Colonial Discourse (2008)

Sharon Magnarelli. Home Is Where The (He)art Is: The Family Romance in Late Twentieth-Century Mexican and Argentine Theater (2008)

Dara Goldman. Out of Bounds: Islands and the Demarcation of Identity in the Hispanic Caribbean (2008)

Eva-Lynn Alicia Jagoe. The End of the World as They Knew It: Writing Experiences in the Argentine South (2008)

Amanda Holmes. City Fictions: Language, Body, and Spanish American Urban Space (2007)

Anne Lambright . Creating the Hybrid Intellectual: Subject, Space and the Feminine in the Narrative of José María Arguedas (2007)

Dianne M. Zandstra. Embodying Resistance: Griselda Gambaro and the Grotesque (2007)

Gabriel Riera. Littoral of the Letter: Saer's Art of Narration (2007)

Gail A. Bulman. Staging Words, Performing Worlds: Intertextuality and Nation in Contemporary Latin American Theater (2007)

Mark A. Hernández. Figural Conquistadors: Rewriting the New World's Discovery and Conquest in Mexican and River Plate Novels of the 1980s and 1990s (2006)

Juan Carlos Ubilluz. Sacred Eroticism : Georges Bataille and Pierre Klossowski in the Latin American Erotic Novel (2006)

J. Andrew Brown. Test Tube Envy: Science and Power in Argentine Narrative (2005)

Amy Nauss Millay. Voices from the fuente viva: The Effect of Orality in Twentieth-Century Spanish American Narrative (2005)

Frederick Luciani. Literary Self-Fashioning in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (2004)

Stuart A. Day. Staging Politics in Mexico: The Road to Neoliberalism (2004)

Patrick Dove. The Catastrophe of Modernity: Tragedy and the Nation in Latin American Literature (2004)

James J. Pancrazio. The Logic of Fetishism: Alejo Carpentier and the Cuban Tradition (2004)

Silvia Rosman. Being in Common: Nation, Subject, and Community in Latin American Literature and Culture (2003)

Julia A. Kushigian. Reconstructing Childhood:: Strategies of Reading for Culture and Gender in the Spanish American Bildungsroman (2003)

Santa Arias and Mariselle Melendez, Eds. Mapping Colonial Spanish America: Places and Commonplaces of Identity, Culture, and Experience (2002)

Alice A. Nelson. Political Bodies: Gender, History, and the Struggle for Narrative Power in Recent Chilean Literature (2002)

Robert T. Conn. The Politics of Philology: Alfonso Reyes and the Invention of the Latin American Literary Tradition (2002)

Andrew Bush. The Routes of Modernity: Spanish American Poetry from the Early 18th Century to the Mid-19th Century (2002)

Roberto Ignacio Díaz. Unhomely Rooms: Foreign Tongues and Spanish American Literature (2002)

Cesar Augusto Salgado. From Modernism to Neobaroque: Joyce and Lezama Lima (2001)

Ronald J. Friis. Jose Emilio Pacheco and the Poets of the Shadows (2001)

Mario Santana. Foreigners in the Homeland: The Spanish American New Novel in Spain, 1962 - 1974 (2000)

Titles of related interest:

Maria Mercedes Andrade. Ambivalent Desires: Representations of Modernity and Private Life in Colombia (1890s-1950s) (2011)

Ed. Margaret H. Persin. In Her Words: Critical Studies on Gloria Fuertes (2011)

Geraldine Lawless. Modernity's Metonyms: Figuring Time in Nineteenth-Century Spanish Stories (2011)

Gabriela Carrión. Staging Marriage in Early Modern Spain: Conjugal Doctrine in Lope, Cervantes, and Calderón (2011)


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