In keeping with the goals detailed in the University's 2008 Master Plan, Bucknell is invested in prioritizing pedestrian traffic across campus and implementing policies and practices that further our sustainability efforts. In service of both of those goals, Bucknell will implement new parking policies beginning in the fall 2018 semester. The policies will primarily affect students who live on campus and have vehicles.

To help in your 2018-19 housing selection, please review the following information.

What's changing?

Student Parking MapBeginning in the fall, student parking lots on campus will be divided into four zones: north (light blue), south (green), west (orange) and center (dark blue). Students living on campus who register for a 2018-19 parking permit will be assigned a parking zone based on the location of their residence hall, and they will receive a parking decal that corresponds with that assignment. On Monday-Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., they will be required to park in a lot within that zone.

Students who park in lots other than their assigned parking lot or an all-decal lot during these hours may be ticketed.

Off-campus students

Students who live off-campus will continue to be permitted to park in any designated student or all-decal lot.

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities may request a parking permit. These applications will be reviewed by Public Safety on a case-by-case basis. | Permit information

Plan ahead

We strongly encourage all students to walk or bicycle. Bucknell's campus is pedestrian friendly by design, and every residential area, including Bucknell West, is within a half-mile of Malesardi Quadrangle.

Additionally, the Bison Bikes program offers free, shared use of Bucknell-owned bikes. They can be rented by the day or semester from the Bison Bikes shop located between the Gateways and the Grove. For information on rental and hours, please email

If you must drive, plan to arrive on campus early to allow extra time to walk to class, and consider carpooling.

2018-19 Student Parking Assignments
Enforced Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.

Please review the following changes for fall 2018 and plan accordingly. | 2018-19 student parking map

Bucknell West: Zone W - orange

Beginning in fall 2018, residents of Bucknell West will be required to park in the lots located in the area of Bucknell West. | Map

The University recognizes that this will be a significant change for students who live in Bucknell West. Please plan accordingly as we transition to the new parking system.

South Campus Apartments and Affinity Houses: Zone S - green

Beginning in fall 2018, residents of the South Campus Apartments and four affinity houses will be required to park in the South Campus Parking Lot. | Map

Gateways and North Campus Residence Halls: Zone N - light blue

Beginning in fall 2018, residents of the Gateways and residence halls located north of Moore Avenue and Walker and Loomis streets will be required to park in the North Campus Parking Lot. | Map

Center Campus Residence Halls: Zone C - dark blue

Residents of halls located in center campus will be required to park in student-designated spaces in center campus parking lots. | Map

Off-campus Residents

Students living off-campus may continue to park in any designated student parking area. 

For more information

Contact Public Safety at 570.577.3333.