What is asphalt; solves catch-catch, chinks and clots


Another round of Arsenic Swans in the Bonaventure, X centrifuging into                           
little jacks (xxx).  A jack self.  Swirl of lit atoms inside cygnet-shaped ice.

            Your handbag.     Your cut-glass barrette.    Your stockings' sheen                                                          
the same sheen as seal coat, a slurry.

Nothing's truer for sake of light, clicks a Zippo, click clicks the trip-switch switched. Wheel
mechanisms, hushed whir of gears below you   A cab a bus a cop car.  Street lights,         
store lights busting up the storm frame.  Parking lot signaling lake splash, a kind of error
looping, asphalt's susurrant choiring I love you flying animal side down.  

Insert here clabbering grebes, V of.   

Insert speech string.  Pull it: sound-mark's catch-catch inside a watermark. Chinks and clots, gut-splash. Let this sloshing stand for birds.  




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