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Greg Clingham, Director Director
Greg Clingham
305 Hildreth-Mirza Hall  P: 570.577.1552

Pam Dailey, Editorial Associate Managing Editor
Pam Dailey, M.A.
306 Hildreth-Mirza Hall  P: 570.577.3674

Data Assistant: Jodi Hosterman: 570.577.1049
Editorial and Design Assistant: Alana Jajko 570.577.3665
Student Intern: Nate Freed:

Editorial Board

Greg Clingham (English):
Param Bedi (Library & Information Technology) (2020):
Roger Rothman (Art & Art History) (2020):
James Shields (Comparative Humanities) (2020):
Jeffrey Turner (Philosophy) (2020):
Isabel Cuñado (Spanish) (2021):
Jason McCloskey (Spanish) (2021):
Carmen Gillespie (English and the Griot Institute) (2021):
James Goodale (History) (2021):
Katarzyna Lecky (English) (2021):
Erica Delsandro (Women's and Gender Studies) (2021):
Elena Machado Sáez (English) (2022):

What We Publish

Bucknell University Press welcomes for consideration scholarly proposals in the arts, humanities, and humanistically-oriented social sciences, particularly in the long eighteenth-century, Iberian studies, Latin American studies, and memoirs, but we are open to excellent and innovative scholarship in all humanistic fields. || See details of our various book series.

For Prospective Authors

Submitting a Proposal

Prospective authors or editors of essay collections are asked in the first instance to submit a proposal to the editor of the series most appropriate for their work or — if there is no series or if in doubt — to

Guidelines for submitting a proposal

Preparing a manuscript for submission

If we have requested your full manuscript for evaluation, please consult the following guides before submitting your work.

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For Current Authors

If we have accepted your manuscript for publication, please use the following guides in formatting your manuscript for production.

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