In an effort to increase support for faculty development and cultivate academic leadership, Bucknell is introducing a University Fellows Program. This initiative is designed to deepen selected faculty members' understanding of issues related to Bucknell's mission, priorities, governance and operations, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing Bucknell and all of higher education.

Program Format

Approximately six to eight tenured faculty will be selected annually to serve as a Fellow for two years.

The Fellows will meet approximately eight times throughout the academic year. Guest speakers in leadership positions within and external to the University will engage with the Fellows around topics important to higher education leadership and administration. A dinner format will allow for both discussion and fellowship.

Selection Criteria

Faculty who have received tenure not less than two years prior to application and are not scheduled to be away on sabbatical during the Fellowship term are eligible to apply. Applicants who may be on sabbatical but who will generally remain in the area and be available for full participation may also apply. Application materials should include:

1) a statement addressing the goals the applicant desires to achieve through participation, the applicant’s demonstrated record for contributing to the life of the institution, and the applicant’s interest in future opportunities to contribute to the University in leadership positions (e.g. department chair, associate dean, dean, associate provost, committee chair, etc.); and

2) a written endorsement from the applicant’s College Dean.

College deans and others are encouraged to discuss this opportunity with those that they may believe are most appropriate for the program. The provost and president will make selection decisions with input from the college deans. Given the limited number of Faculty Fellow positions, applicants who are unsuccessful in the first instance are encouraged to reapply in future years.


Nominations and endorsement will be accepted in this first year of the Fellows program until Monday, Oct. 23, 2017. In future years we expect to seek applications in the spring for the following autumn. Please send application materials to Kerin Goecke at

Questions should be directed to President John Bravman.