Read the introduction, "This Mid-Air in Which We Tremble: Women & the Avant-Garde" by Chet'la Sebree.





I take a walk
I look at pictures of myself

How many people do you think die each day
while looking at a picture of themselves?

At night, I lay my outfits
into shapes of people on the ground




I put on a skeleton costume
and listen to the ringing in my ears

Every time I think of you
My hands work like a woman

Putting another woman’s hair into a ponytail
a state of grace, a doodle,

crotch, seclusion, yawning,
owning, ail




God has called on me
to wear this breastplate

I don’t pay attention
I come open like a blood

orange red of evening red of
clouds as tall as palm trees

whorled apart
like hair around a drain




The sea has worn me out
the sea has opened up

a thousand different holes
in me and I have spat myself in each

The sex inside a fist of grass

Tomorrow, I will be as tired as a god
and after that



Elaine Kahn is the managing editor of Flowers & Cream press, performs music under the name Horsebladder and is a founding member of the P.Splash Collective. Her book Women in Public (City Lights) appeared in 2015.

Fall 2016


Cover of West Branch 82, Fall 2016

Issue 82, Fall 2016

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Cover art: Soft Chine (detail), by Jeffery Becton. 2015, digital montage photography, 42” x 63”.


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