Nance Van Winckel

Give It a Rest


Who Died and Made You Our Foreigner?


Tell Me How Long I'm Supposed to
Stand with the Body


Sally Wen Mao

Notes on the City of Sprinting Feet



Poetry Selections by Laura Kasischke

Editor's Note Laura Kasischke


Poems by Darcie Dennigan


Funeral for a Wallflower


The Other Shore


What Are Horses


The Errors of my Maze


Rhyme for Reason


Poems by Chris Forhan


A Teleology


After Slipping and Floundering Down
the Ladder


Against Transcendence


Late Resolution


Nine Sentences about You


Terese Svoboda




with Orlando Menes

West Branch interns
Annie Leister and David Moffat
talk to Orlando Menes



Coming Soon
The Stiff Hearth Questions:
Elegy and Murder

Shara Lessley on Beth Bachmann,
Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno, and
Paula Bohince


Five Poets in the Age of Anxiety

Matthew Ladd on Dan Beachy-Quick,
Tony Hoagland, Martha Greenwald,
Christine Hume, and Jennifer Moxley.



Places I've Been

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