Nine Sentences about You

In my dream I am telling you my dream and you don't want to hear about it.

I feel a little iffy, I say, unballasted, you say compared to what.

We sprawl among the sheets, I kiss your hair, I whisper happy birthday, you say it's a lot of people's birthday.

In the movie version of my life you play yourself and announce you will appear in the movie version of my life but otherwise forget it.

Play that song, you say, the one that makes me think of you thinking of me thinking of someone else.

As you enter the room I see you first in the mirror or I see the mirror first and you are in it.

I ask are you listening to me, you say is it you who is speaking.

You play the man for once, I the woman, and Bogie-like you grumble we had a laugh, kid, now buck up, you're embarrassing yourself.

In the poem I am writing about you I tell you I am writing a poem about you and you ask are you in it too, does it end with a rose.