Classroom Presentations/Discussions

Energy Forms, Issues, and the Future - Peter Mark Jansson

Sustainable Management - Neil Boyd

Shared Value Framework & Value Chain Thinking - Neil Boyd

Financial Statement Analysis - Cindy Guthrie

Bucknell Farm Workshop

We participated in a half-day workshop to learn about plans for a potential farm site on campus and assisted in providing comments on design for the site.

Appalachian State University Talk on their Renewable Energy Center

Anaerobic Digestion - Tom DiStefano

Ecology Talk / Tour at Melberger Farm - Mark Spiro

Energy Audit Talk - Steve Durfee

Solar Technology Talk - Justin Charles, Owner of Lenape Solar (BU Alumnus)

Current Markets for Utility Scale Solar - Sarah Hetznecker, PSEG Solar

Field Trips

PJM, Inc. - Valley Forge, PA

The largest electrical interconnection in the US. Originally serving Pennsylvania, Jersey, and Maryland (PJM) met with us to discuss the technical challenges of BU building its own utility scale PV system off-site and wheeling power to its Lewisburg location. We met BU alumni there.

Exelon 1 - 12 Megawatt PV (Solar) Installation - Tullytown, Pa

We met with Steve Hazel - owner of Renewable Energy Alliance, and Chris Caffyn - VP Development, UPC Renewables, toured the solar installation, and engaged in deep question and answer session on solar technologies.

Avangrid Renewables, Locust Ridge Wind Farm - Shenandoah, PA

ILST students learned about many issues related to wind power, and were able to see large scale wind turbines up close and personal. Lee Van Horn, the plant manager presented and led tour

Dreamcatcher Farm Tour - Learned about organic farming & helped prepare tomato beds.

Cow-A-Hen Farm Tour - Learned about organic poultry, pork, quail, and beef farming.

Kayaking Trip on the Susquehanna

Dr. Sean Reese from the Watershed Sciences program took us on a guided tour of the geologic formations, water ecology, and human impact on water source issues of our Susquehanna river branch

Coal Country Tour

We took a driving tour from Sunbury to Shenandoah where we learned about the coal industry and associated social impacts like poverty, drug abuse, and other issues that are persistent in the area.

Meixell Circle - residential smart grid and sustainable landscape demo project (6.12kW PV system)



A critical analysis of the cargo container industry and how they have reshaped supply chains and produced significant environmental and social impacts.

PurePlant Nation

Documentary research on plant-based diets and their direct effects on improved human health

Sugar Coated

An informative documentary on the sugar industry and the omnipresence of sugar in virtually everything we eat.

Before the Flood and An Inconvenient Truth

Award winning documentaries on climate change and man's impact on the warming world

Live Consulting Projects

Melberger Farm Land-Use Project

The 12 program participants analyzed land-use possibilities for the 25 acres that Mickey Melberger gave to the University, and an additional 275 acres of adjacent land that he owns. The students self-divided into multiple consulting groups, and produced detailed analyses and ideas in the areas of carbon sequestration, a solar farm, student run B&B, Geisinger/Bucknell healthy eating initiative, and more. Findings were presented to Dennis Schenk, Lori Wilson, Ken Ogawa, Mike Patterson, Mark Spiro, and Steve Durfee.

Wild Goose Farm Sustainability Feasibility Consulting Project

The 12 students self-divided into multiple consulting groups and produced a detailed analysis and report for a variety of sustainability interventions at Wild Goose Farm. Some examples of interventions included solar lighting, solar panels, biomass heating, outdoor water shower heated by the sun, solar greenhouse fan, and more.

Four Photovoltaic Feasibility Assessments

Four student groups comprised of one student from engineering, management, and arts and sciences conducted detailed feasibility studies of commercial or residential field sites for solar installation. They produced reports that were delivered to their clients which contained solar window data, solar array design, financial information (cost, internal rate of return, payback period, funding sources, tax credits). They also developed customer transaction protocols in advance of working with their clients.

Sustainable Procurement Project for Bucknell

Six students applied principles from the Sustainability Consortium (a program led by WalMart and other major corporations, NGOs, and university scholars) to look at "hot spots" in the supply chain for several major products that are commonly purchased through the procurement office at Bucknell. Findings were presented to Lori Wilson and Don Krech.

ILST Shed Design Project

Six students created an architectural design for a new ILST shed on Energy Hill that would meet the standards of the Living Building Challenge, produced enough space to house anaerobic digestion equipment, storage, and designed to hold a solar array that would be mounted in a southern direction. Their findings were delivered to Yoder Barns in order to produce a quote for the construction of the shed.

Business Plans & BizPitch Competition

Each student produced a formal business plan for a start-up venture that related to sustainable technology. Business plans followed Small Business Development format guidelines, and included such things as situational analysis, market data, product/service design, and financial statements (cashflow and income statements). Students then presented their plans to a panel of business experts in a BizPitch Competition.