Language Requirement

Bucknell en España is open to Bucknell students in good standing who have completed SPAN 207 or the equivalent. It is expected that Spanish majors will complete, at the minimum, SPAN 208 (Advanced Conversation and Composition), although it is recommended that they take at least one course in literature or culture (SPAN 220, 222, 270, 280, 285) before going on the program. This will help to ensure their acceptance into the advanced Estudios Hispánicos program.

Students who have completed at least SPAN 207 qualify for the Curso de Lengua y Cultura. (For students considering a second major or a minor in Spanish, the courses taken in Lengua y Cultura also count toward both.)

Other Requirements

In addition to the language requirement, factors determining a student's acceptance to Bucknell en España include grade point average, motivation, maturity and independence, integrity and responsibility.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for Bucknell en España is similar to that of Bucknell, with adjustments for the Spanish academic year. The first semester begins in early September and ends by Dec. 20. The second semester begins in mid-January and finishes the end of May.

There is a vacation before the beginning of the academic year at the CLM (usually the first week of October) and a vacation in the spring for Easter/holy week. Students are strongly encouraged to confirm the dates of these holidays with the Bucknell en España program director, or the Office of Global and Off-Campus Education before making their travel plans.