Maintenance of Records

Materials related to suspected academic misconduct are kept in the Registrar's office in confidential files separate from the student's academic record. It should be noted that conversations between the Associate Dean and the faculty member, the Associate Dean and the student, and all meetings with the panel of the Board of Review on Academic Responsibility shall be considered confidential. Once a case is decided, all parties are charged not to reveal the name of the student, or associate the student with a specific case, or the outcome. A general summary of offenses and penalties may be published in the student newspaper. For education purposes, case studies (without names) may be used.

If the penalty imposed by the Board impacts the grade assigned to a test, project or other course-related work, but does not result directly in the imposition of an F for the course, then the file is destroyed when the student graduates unless the student is a senior, in which case the file is retained for one year after graduation. In all other instances, the file is retained permanently, subject to future changes in retention schedules.

Statistics on Cases at Bucknell

The Registrar's Office keeps all records of academic misconduct cases in their office, and these files are confidential. The Registrar compiles statistics for the previous semester, including the type of case, the number of cases, and the penalties assigned and posts them in Banner Web. To access Board of Review statistics in Banner Web, you will need your Banner password to log in to the system, and once you are in, click on "Board of Review Statistics".