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From 1948 to 1965 there were seventeen Burma-Bucknell Weekends that brought together the world of university, community, religion, government, and business in mutual understanding across diverse ethnic groups. Over the years, participants included Ambassadors to the United Nations, officials of the U.S. State Department and the government of the Union of Burma, and members of the Burmese and American embassies...

During the Weekends, panel discussions, lectures, exhibits, and demonstrations covered a broad spectrum. Sociology, public health, education, economics, music and the arts, and the role of women in Burma were among the topics. Introduced to American life by their hosts, Burmese guests were housed by Bucknell students in University dormitories and fraternities, and in the homes of members of the campus community and townspeople. Hundreds of Bucknell students and Burmese visitors were involved in the program.

Burma-Bucknell Weekend Archives

The Burma-Bucknell Weekends were each year's celebrations dedicated to the Burma-Bucknell Connection. The Bucknell University Archives has, where possible, preserved the pamphlets, programs, and other articles of interest from each year. These records are now made available for you, and have been reproduced for viewing purposes as true to original format as possible. Click on what you'd like to see from a specific year:

1949 Weekend Pamphlet
1951 Weekend Pamphlet
1952 Weekend Pamphlet
1953 Weekend Pamphlet
1955 Weekend Pamphlet
1956 Weekend Pamphlet
1957 Weekend Pamphlet
Banquet Program
1958 10th Anniversary Pamphlet
"Information Please Almanac"
Souvenir Pamphlet
Banquet Program
1959 Weekend Pamphlet
Banquet Program
1960 Weekend Pamphlet
Invitation to the Weekend's Festivities
1961 Weekend Pamphlet
Banquet Program
1962 Weekend Pamphlet
1963 Weekend Pamphlet
1964 Weekend Pamphlet
1965 Weekend Pamphlet