Jai B. Kim

Jai Kim


Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Emeritus
Bucknell University


Educational Background:

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

  • M.S. in Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, University of Maryland


  • Wood Engineering

  • Metal Truss Bridges

  • Connections for Precast Concrete Panels

  • Structural Design Loads

  • Bridges

  • Concrete and Steel Designs

  • Bridge Engineering

  • Braced Excavations and Pile Foundations

Bucknell University, Civil Engineering Department - 1966-2009:

  • Assistant Professor (1966 - 1971)

  • Associate Professor (Tenured 1971 - 1977)

  • Professor (1977 - 2009)

  • Acting Dean of Engineering (Jan. 1993 - June 1993)

  • Chairman, Civil Engineering Department (April 1976 - 2002)

Licensed Registered Professional Engineer:

  • Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia

Industry Experience:

  • OSHA Office of Standards, U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, DC

  • National Bureau of Standard's Center for Building Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce, Gaithersburg, MD

  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

  • District of Columbia Government Department of Highways and Traffic, Washington, DC

  • Ruskin Fisher Consulting Engineering, Seattle, WA

  • Office Engineer, Roseburg Lumber Co., Roseburg, OR

  • Research Projects Conducted and Currently in Progress: Rehabilitation and Reinforcement of Non-Redundant Metal Truss Bridges, Timber Bridges, and Roof Trusses, Deep Concrete Anchors Laterally Loaded, Foundation Pile Groups

  • Courses Taught or Being Taught Presently: Civil Engineering Design (Capstone), Wood Engineering, Design Principles Structural Theory and Design with Emphasis on Design Loads, Foundations, Engineering Planning

Awards Received:

  • Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching, June 1980

Patents Received:

  • "Rehabilitation of Steel Truss Bridges by Means of Reinforcing Arches" with John Yadlosky (B.S.C.E. 1980), U.S. Patent No. 4,691,399 (1987)

Seminars Directed:

  • Bridge Design, Inspection, and Bridge Management System

  • "Roof Design and Construction - Snow, Rain, and Wind Forces"

  • "Why Does A Roof Collapse?"

  • Possible Remedial Measures Timber Bridges

  • Cost-Effective Reinforcement System of Metal Truss Bridges

  • SBDC Short Course on Construction

  • Technology Strengthening Techniques for Truss Bridges

Selected Publications:

  • "Non-linear Modeling of the Heel Joint of Metal Plate Connected Roof Trusses," co-authored with Kevin Barron, The World Conference on Timber Engineering 2000, Whistler Resort, British Columbia, Canada, 2000, pp 7.3.4-1 to 7.3.4-10.
  • "Comparison of Full-Scale Truss Test Results with Those by Analytical Methods," co-authored with Chris Brill-Edwards, The First RILEM Symposium on Timber Engineering Proceedings, Stockholm, Sweden, 1999, pp.119-128.
  • "Stiffness Evaluation of Metal Plates Connected on Wood Members," co-authored with J.A. Guinther and S. Cabler, Proceedings of 5th World Conference on Timber Engineering, Montreux, Switzerland, 254-260, 1998.
  • "Effectively Spliced Large Timbers And Full-Scale tests on Spliced Timbers," co-authored Robert H. Kim, Proceedings of 5th World Conference on Timber Engineering, Montreux, Switzerland, 798-799, 1998.
  • "Life-Cycle Cost Considerations for Timber Bridges," co-authored with R.L. Smith, Proceedings of Structures Congress, ASCE 1997, 233-237.
  • "Tension Tests of Heavy-Duty Anchors with Embedments of 8 to 19 Inches," co-authored P.J. Carrato, K.W. Krauss, Structural Journal of the American Concrete Institute, May/June 1996, pp.360-368.
  • "Planning, Design and Restoration of Historic Stuyvesant Falls Bridge," co-authored with Mansour Aghili-Nasab and Thomas M. Mannix (both of NY DOT), Proceedings of 1994 Spring Seminar, ASCE Metropolitan Section, NY, pp.72-81.


  • Co-Authored with Robert H. Kim, P.E., Timber Design, for the Civil and Structural Professional Engineering Exams, Fifth Edition, Professional Publications, Belmont, CA, June 2000.
  • Co-Authored with Robert H. Kim, P.E., Bridge Design, First Edition, Professional Publications, Belmont, CA, June 2000.

Scientific and Professional Societies of Which a Member:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • ASCE Technical Council on Codes and Standards - Pile Foundation Standards - since 1982
  • ASCE Committee on Timber Bridges -1989 to 1994
  • Transportation Research Board Committee on Construction of Bridges and Structures - Committee A2FO4 - since 1990
  • ASCE Subcommittee on Inspection, Rehabilitation of Bridges - since 1993
  • ASCE Committee on Wood - since 1995
  • Commission on Higher Education - Middle States Accreditation - since 1993
  • National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying- P.E. exam scorer, and solution review
  • ABET Visitor
  • Chief Advisor to Tau Beta Pi - Pennsylvania Eta Chapter

Recent Consulting:

  • "Rehabilitation of Steel Truss Bridges Using Superimposed arches," 1986-present.
  • "Precast Concrete Window Casings and Circular Steel Oriel Frame Design," Ken Boyle, West Hazelton, PA 1998.
  • "Ray-Core Wall Panel System Design (patented)," Ray-Core, Inc. Beech Creek, PA 1998
  • "Investigation of Brick Wall Failure and Foundation," Bloomsburg Hospital, Bloomsburg, PA. 1997.
  • "Rehabilitation Design of Laundry Room Floor Slabs," Bloomsburg Hospital, Bloomsburg, PA.
  • Precast Concrete Panel Connection Designs through Sun Precast Concrete Co., Middleburg, PA 1996-1997: Sunbury Community Hospital Addition, Walgreens Drug Store (Brookline, MA), JamesR. Orlin Flood Wall (Buena Vista, VA), National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD), Jamison Elementary School (Bucks County, PA), Gettysburg H.S. (Gettysburg, PA), Taylor Hall Colonade (Bucknell University, PA), and others.
  • "Pressure Tests of 6,000 Gallon Steel Tank with Strain Gage Instrumentation," Milton Steel, Inc., Milton, PA, 1998.
  • "Damage Assessment and Repair Cost Analyses of 2 Large Highway Bridges over Water," (one destroyed by a barge and other by a tug boat), Jacksonville, FL. for Aon Risk Services, and Commercial Union Insurance Co., Coral Gables, FL. 1997-1998.
  • Court document preparation of "Damage Investigation of Metal Roofs of a Warehouse near Limestoneville Exit of I-80," Milton Transportation Co. Milton, PA, 1996-1997.
  • "Rehabilitation Design Timber Covered Bridge (Sullivan County Bridge No. 2)," Sonestown, PA 1996.
  • "Rehabilitation Design of St. Peter's Church (Timber Steeple)," Freeburg, PA 1995.
  • "Design and Construction Supervision of a 30 ft Vehicular Timber Bridge," Bridge No. 35R, Bureau of Forestry of Pennsylvania Centre County, PA 1994.
  • "Snow Damages of Timber Structures," SEDA-Council of Governments, Lewisburg, PA 1994.
  • "Metal Roof Problems (Due to Snow Loads) of a 105 ft. by 150 ft. Building," Duo-Fast Co., Milton, PA 1994.
  • "Metal Roof Failure of a 200 ft by 500 ft Bldg.," Milton Transportation Co., Milton, PA 1994.