The Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association, the College of Engineering and the Office of Admissions launched the Women Engineers Admission Program to recruit prospective female engineering students, increase our yield of female students within the college, and increase the retention of these students. 

To reach our goals, we have established a multi-staged process as follows:

  • Stage One:  Inquiry phase - a communiqué from the Associate Dean of Engineering to all prospective female high school seniors in the Admissions data base who have expressed an interest in engineering, math or the sciences.

  • Stage Two:  Application phase - matching engineering alumnae volunteers with female applicants who have indicated a specific Engineering major or Engineering Undecided" on the application. 

  • Stage Three:  Top Prospect Student Calling Program -we will ask our alumnae volunteers to continue their contacts with those prospective female engineers that now have been accepted to Bucknell to encourage them to enroll at Bucknell.

  • We will ask each mentor to stay in contact with the student through their first semester at Bucknell. 

Our goal is to have no more than 5 prospective students assigned to a volunteer beginning with Stage 2 above.   If you would like to volunteer for this important