The Facility:

The control booth in the Harvey M. Powers Theatre houses sophisticated lighting and sound systems. The lighting control consoles are ETC IONs (3), which control 380 sensor dimmers, as well as moving lights, atmospheric effects, and automated accessories.  Our sound system utilizes a 64 channel digital sound board and CobraNET networked audio.  Almost all of the sound editing for Powers theatre is done on computers, with shows played back via a Q-lab playback system on a Mac computer.  In addition to the many individual bells and whistles of the sound and lighting system, the two are joined together through a MIDI connection such that the sound system can actually trigger the lighting system and tell the light board when to fire its cues. Therefore, shows may be produced in which the "Play" button for the sound is pushed once at the beginning of the show and then neither it nor the light board must be touched again until the show's completion.

In the stage right wing exists an electrics shop used for repairing damaged electrical equipment and storing electrical accessories, and on the stage left side, a paint shop where all the scenic painting supplies are stored. Also in the wings is an entire wall of lighting racks which hold over 400 ETC, Altman and Strand lighting units. Outside of the stage itself, the Harvey Powers Theatre houses an 1800 square foot scene shop. Also backstage are professor's offices, the green room, dressing rooms, and the design studio. This studio houses 8 computer stations for CAD, digital sound work and lighting design, as well as two large format photo-quality color printers, a flatbed scanner, and a data projector, all of which are available for student use. The lab is also used for traditional drafting, model making, and scenic and costume design.

Physical Plant:

  • Floor: 5/4" maple covered in 4'x4'x1/4" Duron. 1- 4'x8' trap.
  • The rigging system consists of 31 total linesets. All are manual double purchase linesets controlled from 18' elevated operating rail with 2 exceptions:
  • 1st electric - double pipe single speed motor controlled down stage left
  • Ls#8 Movie Screen - single speed motor controlled down stage left.
  • The rigging system is underhung from the ceiling. NO GRID 
  • The Main Curtain is 21oz Velour colored Burgundy sewn 50% fullness proscenium of 32w feet by 18 feet. There are 4 sets of black legs and borders available. Both legs and borders may be rigged flat or with fullness. One blackout traveler and one black back drop available as well as a white rear projection screen used as a cyc / bounce.
  • Two dressing rooms with showers and toilets are available.

Loading Areas:

  • (1) 48" height dock w/ 10'x7' door in stage right wing. (1) 10'x7' dock door in stage right wing above shop door (not truck accessible)


  • Control: ETC ION Control System.
  • An ION Remote Processor Unit and two ION Consoles are used in the facility.
  • Two ION Radio Focus Remotes as well as various Client computers can be used for remote control.
  • House lights controlled independently or though console.
  • A separate 5 channel/work/panic analog address system is available to control all dimmers.
  • 2 universes of DMX are used with the second universe distributed for data at ports around the facility.
  • 2 universes of DMX are available through two networked Net3 two-port DMX nodes on the distributed ETCnet3 network.
  • A BCI Pocket Console is available for testing DMX devices


  • 380 (four racks) ETC Sensor advanced feature 2.4kw.


  • ETC 36° Source Four ERS - 55
  • ETC 26° Source Four ERS - 30
  • ETC 50° Source Four ERS - 30
  • ETC Source Four PAR* - 100
  • Altman 360Q 6x16 ERS - 28
  • Strand 4.5" Lekolite miniZoom ERS - 35
  • Silver PAR64 Can - 10
  • Silver PAR46 Can - 10
  • Altman Sky Cyc, Three-Cell - 6
  • Six-Cell Ground Cyc - 6
  • Altman Zip Strip - 8
  • 14" Scoop - 10
  • 10" Beam Projector - 4
  • 3" "inky" fresnel - 8
  • 150W Mini Halogen Flood - 10
  • High End Intellabeam HX700 - 6
  • Dataflash AF1000 Strobe - 4
  • Seachanger Wash XG - 13
  • Seachanger Profile XG - 11
  • Apollo Smart Color Scrollers - 20
  • Chroma Q Color Scrollers -10
  • Rosco I-Cue - 6
  • Apollo Right Arm - 5
  • GAM Twin Spin - 4
  • Rosco Vortex 360 - 2
  • Apollo Smart Move DMX - 6
  • Rosco DMX Iris - 3
  • GAM FilmFX Unit - 2
  • Diffusion DF50 Hazer - 1
  • LeMaitre G300 Fogger/Hazer - 1

*All of the Source four PARs have a five lens set of wide flood, medium flood, narrow spot, very narrow spot, and ACL (clear flat).  There are now 20 XFL lenses available as well.

Power Tie in:

  • 400A Cam (Posi) Lock
  • All power is 120/208v three phase
  • 1 house distribution panel to (14) 20A 120V and (8) 20A 208V circuits


  • House Console: YAMAHA LS9-32 with YAMAHA DME processing.
  • House Speakers: Right, Center, Left ElectroVoice Clusters
  • EV and Bose surround throughout house, assignable as house left, right and rear
  • Monitor Console: YAMAHA LS9-16 or Various analong consoles
  • Monitor Speakers: Assorted EV


  • Echo AudioFire 12 interface using  Qlab or SFX 
  • Tascam DA-20 DAT recorder
  • Kenwood MD-302 Minidisc recorder
  • Marantz CDR 620 CD recorder.
  • Technics cassete deck
  • Marantz MD321 CD player
  • Assorted effects
  • Assorted microphones

Download Powers Theatre Technical Drawings

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Floor Plan:
DWG (AutoCad 2010)

Center Line Section:
DWG (AutoCad 2010)