The Bachelor of Science with a major in early childhood education (pre-K through grade 4) is designed for students who have clearly defined professional interests in the field of education and who desire to pursue a teaching career in early childhood education, grades preK-4.

The degree requires: EDUC 101, EDUC 201, EDUC 230, EDUC 235, EDUC 323, EDUC 341, EDUC 342, EDUC 343, EDUC 344, EDUC 346, EDUC 347, EDUC 349, and EDUC 449. || Recommended Sequence

Students develop competency in speaking, writing, and information literacy through small group and individual presentations, research projects, debates, and the creation and presentation of unit and lesson plans within required courses.

The 12-week student teaching semester (EDUC 349 and EDUC 449), includes extensive unit research and lesson planning, implementation, and presentation, along with the completion of written assignments pertinent to their experience. In addition, students develop and present electronic program portfolios, further demonstrating their technological expertise.

Additional Certification Requirements

Students seeking certification in early childhood education (pre-K-4) are also required to take MATH 117 and MATH 118; a course in English literature (preferably ENGL 218 or ENGL 220); and PSYC 207 in addition to meeting other certification requirements listed on the education department website. Requirements may change as mandated by the legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.