Students in the Department of Mathematics

  • Ben Sokolowski
    Title: Decomposing Blaschke Products and Polynomials
    Advisor: Pam Gorkin
    Year: 2013
  • Matt Mizuhara
    Title: On a Problem of Burnside
    Advisor: Pete Brooksbank
    Year: 2012
  • David Sulon
    Title: Congruences Between Modular Forms: Verifying Harder's Conjecture
    Advisor: Nathan Ryan
    Year: 2012
  • Ryan Ward
    Title: Equality of P-Partition Generating Functions
    Advisor: Peter McNamara
    Year: 2011
  • Ariel Kniss
    Title: Dynamics of Spatial Game Theory Networks with Novel Modifications
    Advisor: Joseph Tranquillo
    Year: 2011
  • Aaron Meyers
    Title: Rigidity of Right-Angled Coxeter Groups
    Advisors: Pete Brooksbank and Adam Piggott
    Year: 2010
  • Dennis Fillebrown
    Title: The Fundamental Gap for Hyperbolic Triangles
    Advisor: Emily Dryden
    Year: 2010
  • Deborah Vicinsky
    Title: Group Actions on Polytopes
    Advisor: Pete Brooksbank
    Year: 2009
  • Elizabeth Skubak
    Title: Blaschke Ellipses & Steiner Inellipses
    Advisor: Pam Gorkin
    Year: 2009
  • Greg Mokodean
    Title: Subnormality of Weighted Shifts
    Advisor: George Exner
    Year: 2007
  • Mark Veillette
    Title: Regularity of Solutions to Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
    Advisor: Karl Voss
    Year: 2005
  • Robert Rhoades
    Title: Interpolation with Blaschke Products
    Advisor: Pam Gorkin
    Year: 2005
  • Janet Forney
    Title: Extension of BSA Sampling Plans to Multi-Dimensional Populations
    Advisor: James Wright
    Year: 2004
  • Jennifer Miller
    Title: Polynomial Solutions of the Dirichlet Problem for the Heat Equation
    Advisor: Karl Voss
    Year: 2004
  • Kevin M. Wilson
    Title: Divisibility Results for L-Functions of Solvable Extensions
    Advisor: Joshua Lansky
    Year: 2004
  • C. Leer
    Title: The Number of Defining Equations of Monomial Curves
    Advisor: Ulrich Daepp
    Year: 2000
  • Joshua Smith
    Title: The Dirichlet Problem for Rational Functions
    Advisor: Pam Gorkin
    Year: 1999
  • Ryan Higginbottom
    Title: Some Analogies in Linear Algebra
    Advisor: Paul McGuire
    Year: 1999
  • Peter Jake Wallace
    Title: Factoring Hecke Polynomials Modulo Small Primes
    Advisor: David Farmer
    Year: 1998
  • Julie Schafer
    Title: Pseudo-Reduction and Differential Equations
    Advisor: Sally Morrison
    Year: 1997
  • David C. Andescavage
    Title: An Analytic Theory of Power Law Detection in Multiplicative Noise
    Advisor: Michael Frey
    Year: 1997
  • Yuxin Wang
    Title: Fixed Point Property of Commuting Analytic Maps
    Advisor: Pam Gorkin
    Year: 1997
  • Susan Marie Harris
    Title: Labelings of Knot Diagrams
    Advisor: Gregory Quenell
    Year: 1994
  • Paul Koch
    Title: Multifractal Spectrum for Random Interacting Cascades
    Advisor: Michael Frey
    Year: 1993
  • Timothy D. Maclay
    Title: Exterior Calculus and its Application to Gravitation Theory
    Advisor: Ueli Daepp (Mathematics) and Jeff Bowen (Physics)
    Year 1986
  • Timothy D. Cherney
    Title: Mobius Inversion
    Advisor: Paul Klingsberg
    Year 1978
  • John R. Miller
    Title: The Banack-Tarski Paradox
    Advisor: Allen Schweinsberg
    Year: 1978
  • Lori Jeromin
    Title: Discrimination and the Effects of Measure in Clustering
    Advisor: Eugene Luks
    Year: 1977
  • Gary C. Meyers
    Title: Ideals of Compact Operators: A Survey of Recent Results and Techniques
    Advisor: Allen Schweinsberg
    Year: 1974
  • John Frank Hoadley
    Title: Bounded Continued Fractions and Algebraic Numbers
    Advisor: Eugene Luks
    Year: 1972
  • Kay Ellen Smith
    Title: Subinvariance and teh Tower Theorems in Groups and Lie Algebras
    Advisor: Eugene Luks
    Year: 1972