Program Fee*
Tuition + Program Fee*
GEOG 237:
Grass Roots Development
Required Course
$2,710 $2,400 $5,110 Total Cost
if just taking required course
GEOG 200:
Independent Study
Optional Course
$2,710 No additional fee $2,710
Total for both courses $5,420 $2,400 $7,820 Total Cost
if taking required course + optional course

*Program Fee covers the following costs:

  • Group airfare: Round trip to Nicaragua
  • Nicaraguan visa fee paid upon arrival
  • Group ground transportation: Lewisburg- airport- Lewisburg
  • Room and board at the Center for Development in Central America (entire group living in single large dormitory room)
  • Guest lectures and other instructional costs
  • Ground transportation and excursions in Nicaragua
  • Group health insurance coverage

Other estimated costs paid by the participant (vary by individual)

  • Inoculations, medications, (depends on your health insurance), books and supplies.
  • Personal Expenses while traveling to/from Nicaragua and spending money when in Nicaragua for souvenirs, snacks, or an occasional meal out.