Each spring, the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Gender and the Department of Women's & Gender Studies co-sponsor a distinguished lecture.

Recent Speakers

Cynthia Willett, Emory University: "On Humor: Feminist Makeovers from Sluts and Other Social Misfits" (2017)

Judith Plaskow, Manhattan College: "The Gender Politics of Public Space: Bodies, Restrooms and Social Justice" (2016)

Jeanne Marecek, Swarthmore College: "Beyond Difference: Re-imagining Gender, Sex, and Sexualitie." (2015)

Anne McClintock, University of Wisconsin-Madison: "US Empire, Paranoid Masculinity, and the Gendered Dynamics of Torture" (2014)

Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Emory University: "Disability Stories" (2013)

Gail Dines, Wheelock College: "Sex, Identity & Intimacy in a Porn Culture" (2012)

Gina Athena Ulysse, Wesleyan University: "When the Body is a Country's Archive: Some Women's Stories of Trauma, Stories of Will" (2011)

Anne Fausto-Sterling, Brown University: "Gender, Sexuality, and the Problem of Memory" (2010)

Helene Foley, Columbia University: "Classical Muses: How Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-centurey Women Re-imagined Greek Tradgedy for the U.S. Stage" (2009)

Janice Radway, Duke University: "What are Zines? And What Do Girls Do With Them?" (2008)

Michael Kimmel, sociologist/author: "Mars and Venus, or Planet Earth: Women and Men in a New Millennium" (2006)

Christine Battersby, University of Warwick: "Flesh Questions: Representational Strategies and the Cultures of Birth" (2005)

Cynthia Enloe, Clark University: "The Militarization of Us and Them: American Civilians, American Soldiers and Iraqi Women" (2004)

Shahnaz Khan, Wilfred Laurier: "Finding Space Beneath My Feet: Post September 11th Reflections of a Muslim Feminist" (2003)


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