The Stadler Fellowships offer poets who have recently completed an MFA or MA in poetry the opportunity to receive professional training in arts administration and literary editing. The fellowships are designed to balance the development of professional skills with private time to complete a first book of poems. The Stadler Fellows assist for twenty hours each week in the administration of the Stadler Center's programs and the editing of West Branch, Bucknell's nationally distinguished literary journal. They also serve as staff members in the Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets in June. The one-year fellowships provide a competitive stipend, health insurance, and housing. The 2019–20 Stadler Fellows are Noah Baldino and Maggie Millner.

Several recent Stadler Fellows have published books or received other honors subsequent to their fellowships, including Will Schutt (Westerly, Yale Prize for Younger Poets), Betsy Wheeler (Loud Dreaming in a Quiet Room, National Poetry Review Press), Jamaal May (Hum, Beatrice Hawley Award, Alice James Books), Carolina Ebeid (You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior, Noemi Press), Justin Boening (Not On the Last Day, But On the Very Last; National Poetry Series, Milkweed ), and E.G. Means (Natality, Noemi Press).

In fall 2019, the Stadler Center will accept applications for the 2020-21 Stadler Fellowships. The application deadline is Oct. 1, 2019. For eligibility and application requirements, and to submit an application, please use the Stadler Center Application Portal.