The first issue of the newly redesigned Bucknell Magazine, Winter 2008

We received over 300 responses to our redesign and 98 percent of them were unconditionally positive. Here are a few that didn't appear in the magazine.

High Standards
Great new format that clearly elevates the publication. The redesign is professional and conveys the high academic standards and expectations we all experienced for four years and beyond.

Shannon Smith ’00
Wellesley, Mass.

Nice News Mix
Great eye-catching appearance and format. More significantly, the articles were an interesting mixture of news from Bucknell plus those of a more national/international perspective. All were exceptionally well written.

Thomas Frielle ’74
Hummelstown, Pa.

Color Change
How refreshing! The new size is terrific, easily held. I was drawn to read many more articles than in previous editions. It would be nice if in the future you could delineate the normal Class Notes from the memorials (possibly by a different color for the year title?).

Karen Black ’67
Blue Bell, Pa.

Great suggestion! In the spring issue, we changed the color of the class years in the In Memoriam section to blue. To view Class Notes on the web, please go to myBucknell.

News and Beauty
I really like the new format. The more news about Bucknell and people and work connected to Bucknell the better. I especially enjoyed the “Leaders on Leadership” article and the beautiful “Full Frame.” The longer I am away from Bucknell, the more I appreciate the positive impact the experience had on my life.

Yasmin Snowberger ’86
Hershey, Pa.

But is it “Green”?
Just received the Bucknell Magazine – I love the new format: the articles are easy to read, the pictures are of top quality, not to mention the manageable size of the paper as a whole; but I worry about the high-grade paper quality – is it “green” (of recyclable paper) and is it recyclable?

Larisa Williams ’83
Huntington, N.Y.

Good Question. Our printer, Lane Press in Vermont, is a Forest Stewardship Council-approved printer ( We use a paper that is approved by the PEFC (the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, the European equivalent to the FSC,, and the magazine is recyclable. Please recycle after use.

Appealing and Professional
I am very impressed with the new magazine. I found that I read more of this edition than any previously. The size is much more “comfortable” to read. The quality of the paper, the print and contrast of colors, makes it appealing and easy on the eyes. It truly looks like a magazine, now, a much more professional look. I think you did a great job remodeling it. Congratulations!

Laurie Becker P’09
Orange, Conn.

Streamlined for Rail Lines
I absolutely love the new format of the magazine. Much more modern and streamlined and much easier to flip through, especially when at the gym or on the metro. The graphics are great as well! The cover itself was very well done. Great job!

Alejandra Ferrari ’94
Arlington, Va.

Font Clean but Light
How fresh, clean, and interesting! Bravos to all. I do want to add my "two cents": 1. I liked the name Bucknell World vs. the new generic Bucknell Magazine. 2. Since your readership is alumni, the lighter screening on Class Notes just does not work, although I like the cleaner, san serif font. The number of classes older than 40 greatly outnumbers the others. Please give us darker type. Truly, it is too difficult to read.

Thanks for listening,

Alice nee Brewen Acheson ’58
Friday Harbor, Wash. 

As an alumna who has always torn through the Bucknell World as soon as it arrived, I think the newly formatted Bucknell Magazine is great! I received an MA from Tufts University in 2002 and their alumni quarterly is formatted as a magazine. I always wondered why Bucknell didn’t go that route as well. For a classy, prestigious university, the tabloid format was not as appealing as the new magazine format. The magazine is easy to page through and its smaller size will allow it to be displayed nicely on the coffee table.

Molly Crellin ’01
Arlington, Mass.

Travel Size
I think the change to a magazine format from the tabloid format is great. It is more consistent with other publications and the new smaller size is convenient for slipping into a briefcase or reading it on the train. I think the magazine itself is well organized and has a nice layout. However, with all due respect, I think the title itself, Bucknell Magazine, could be improved. We already know that it is a magazine so a title such as Bucknell Today could also work. Congrats on the launch of the new format!

Kenneth J. Oen ’96
Old Greenwich, Conn.

Mailbox Friendly
I think that the new format is great. I think that the new size is more mailbox friendly, although I would have left the name alone. No matter what it is called, I will still enjoy reading it.

Elizabeth Melito ’03
Westbury, N.Y.

Vibrant Graphics
The new format is quite professional. The graphic images are vibrant and clear. The type is easy to read except for the Class Notes section. I would suggest a darker type. Overall, this publication is clearly a step up from the traditional format.

David Lowry ’79
Wayne, Pa.

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