Sustainability Initiatives

Locally Grown and FarmSource

FarmSource Logo 

All Eat 'n Park Hospitality Group accounts are focused on purchasing products and ingredients from local and artisan suppliers through the FarmSource program. At Bucknell University, approximately 30% of our food purchases are done from local farmers and suppliers within a 150 mile radius of Bucknell University.

View our map of FarmSource vendors and suppliers.

Twice an academic year, the Bostwick Marketplace hosts its Local Foods Dinner, which features local product offerings on the menu and provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to meet our vendor partners as they each have a table display at the event.

ecosteps Logo

Bucknell University Dining is committed to promoting environmental awareness and making sustainable improvements to our everyday operations. The EcoSteps program is the Eat 'n Park Hospitality Group's company-wide standard of environmentally focused initiatives to reduce our ecological footprints. We strive to become better stewards of the environment on the Bucknell University campus and beyond through these initiatives.

Reusable To-Go Container in the Bostwick Marketplace

Beginning in the fall semester of 2015, students will have the option of purchasing a reusable to-go container in the Bostwick Marketplace. Available for purchase for $5.00 from the Bostwick cashiers, the reusable to-go container is a great way to cut back on waste while taking your meal with you. When you're done with your meal, you simply exchange the soiled container for a new sanitized one in the Bostwick. These reusable to-go containers are for use only in the Bostwick Marketplace and the Terrace Room. 

Single Stream Recycling

All Bucknell University Dining locations offer containers for Single Stream Recycling, a system in which all recyclable materials are placed, unsorted, into one recycling bin and sorted by state-of-the-art processing equipment at a Material Recovery Facility. Waste containers are clearly labeled to differentiate between "Trash" and "Single Stream Recycling" to reduce confusion, and all recyclable materials can go into the one container.

Trayless Dining in Bostwick Marketplace 

Beginning in fall 2011, the Bostwick Marketplace removed all trays from general use. This initiative reduced almost 150 pounds of waste per day, and reduces water and electricity use in our facility.

Reusable Baskets and Mugs

Our retail dining operations have also implemented sustainability initiatives. The Bison Café replaced foam plates with reusable baskets for eat-in meals. They also participate in a Reusable Mug program with the Library Café. This program allows guests to purchase a sticker to place on their own 16 ounce mug, which then entitles the owner to a discounted coffee refill price.

Fair Trade Coffee 

Fair Trade Coffee is offered in all locations. The Bostwick Marketplace and the Commons Café serve Bucknell Brigade coffee, purchased from a specific coffee plantation and community in Nicaragua. All retail locations offer one Starbucks Fair Trade coffee each day.

Biodegradable & Recycled Products 

Bucknell University Dining supports using environmentally friendly supplies, including recycled paper napkins in all facilities, biodegradable service ware in our catering department, and biodegradable to-go containers in retail dining locations.

Cooking Oil & Bio-Diesel Fuel

All used cooking oil from the dining areas of the Bucknell campus is collected by Valley Protein for processing into bio-diesel fuel, a clean-burning fuel for diesel engines with lower toxicity and carbon monoxide emission than petroleum.