Bucknell Dining Service is committed to providing a program that embraces the concepts of sustainability. From sourcing, to production, nutrition and waste management, our team strives to make an impact every day.

#1-Waste Reduction

Bostwick reusable to-go container
All students have access to a reusable to go container in Bostwick Marketplace for the nominal cost of $5.00. Using the reusable container is a great way to cut back on waste while taking your meal with you. When you're done with your meal, you can either exchange the rinsed container for a new washed and sanitized one for immediate use or receive a card entitling you to future use of the reusable green box program

Single Stream Recycling
All Bucknell University Dining locations offer containers for Single Stream Recycling, a system in which all recyclable materials are placed, unsorted, into one recycling bin and sorted by state-of-the-art processing equipment at a Material Recovery Facility. Waste containers are clearly labeled to differentiate between "Trash" and "Single Stream Recycling" to reduce confusion, and all recyclable materials can go into the one container.

Waste Diversion
We are passionate about food, and believe in from scratch cooking in all areas. As such, pre-consumer waste is a daily occurrence. In spring 2018, we began diverting a portion of this waste to the animal behavior lab for feeding their primates. Read an article which discusses this program.

Starting in Fall 2018, Bucknell Dining began diverting a portion of its pre-consumer fruit and vegetable waste into the campus composting program to be mixed with lawn trimmings, wood chips and other organic matter which will produce natural soil amendment media

Reusable Glassware & China at 7th Street Café
With its relaxing atmosphere, 7th Street Café is the place to study or hang out with friends while enjoying a wide array of beverages and snacks. To reduce the amount of paper waste in disposable drink cups, all eat-in orders are served in reusable glassware and china.

Reusable Mug Sticker Program
Bring any reusable vessel up to 20 ounces to 7th Street Café, the Bison, or the Library Café and purchase a $1 refill sticker to stick on the side. Every time you fill it up with coffee, tea, or fountain beverage, you'll receive $0.25 off the purchase price.

Trayless Dining Since 2011
When Bostwick Marketplace went trayless in 2011, there was an immediate reduction of 150 pounds in waste per day. That program continues to this day.

#2-Local, Sustainable, & Humane Sourcing

Bucknell dining uses purchasing guidelines that place heavy emphasis on locally sourced and sustainable products. We also believe in keeping as much money in our local economy as possible. Therefore, roughly 30% of our food and supply budget is spent locally. The following are examples of some of those partnerships.

Blue Ribbon Dairy
All milk and dairy used on campus is purchased through Blue Ribbon Dairy, a company located in Pittston, PA. Their products use RBGH free milk from farms in the Lehigh and Central valleys.

Seasonal Local Produce
With partners from such vendors as Kegel's Produce and Pocono Profoods, we are able to purchase fruits and vegetables from local farmers when their items are in season.

Susquehanna Mills
Located in Montoursville, Susquehanna Mills provides all the fryer oil used on campus. Not only is this a local purchase, but the oil from Susquehanna Mills is part of a closed-loop system. Learn more about the life cycle of the oil.

All seafood purchases are made in accordance with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch standards.

Direct & Fair Trade Coffees available on campus

  • Bucknell Brigade (Bostwick Marketplace, Terrace Room, Refectory, 7th Street and Catering)
  • Stockton-Graham Batch 0995 (7th Street, Commons Cafe)
  • Starbucks Fair Trade (The Bison, Library Cafe)

#3-Menu Design & Packaging

Biodegradable & Recycled Products
Bucknell Dining supports using environmentally friendly supplies:

  • Recycled paper napkins (unbleached)
  • "Tree Free" sugar cane pulp plates in retail and catering
  • Recyclable plastic disposables (compatible with single stream)
  • Replacing Bison plastics with paper packaging
  • Degradable plastic bags

Plant Based Menus
Plant based proteins are taking their place at the center of the plate, and Dining Services has seen an movement in this direction over the last couple of years. The Bison introduced Bison Fresh in fall 2016 which features smoothies, yogurt, grain bowls, and stir fries with plant based protein sources, fruits, and vegetables being the focus. The Commons Café is home of the popular chopped salad station, and Bostwick Marketplace hosts V2, a vegan entrée station.