September 22, 2008

Zhiqun Zhu, one of the 26 new tenure-track faculty joining Bucknell this semester.

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LEWISBURG, Pa. – A former middle school choir teacher. A passionate collector of fossil snails. A freed Ethiopian political prisoner. All of these and more are among the 26 new tenure-track professors who joined the Bucknell University faculty this fall.

Representing 17 departments across the University's College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and School of Management, the new faculty members have research interests ranging from Indonesian music and dance to methods for measuring atomic-scale magnetic fields to China's relationships with the 21st-century world.

“Despite their disparate academic interests, all share a passion for teaching and for challenging their students to deliver their best,” said Provost Mick Smyer. “Whether students enroll in Alexandra Block's literature class on John Donne, Mark Haussmann’s biology classes on aging, Jessica Newlin’s civil engineering classes on bridge safety, Atiya Kai Stokes-Brown's political science classes on disenfranchised voters, or Jordi Comas’s management classes on social networks our students can expect to be pushed to think in new ways and to develop the critical thinking skills necessary for personal and professional success.”

New teaching load
Fourteen of the professors were hired into new positions created to help fulfill Bucknell's goal of transitioning from a teaching load of six courses per year to five to allow faculty to spend more time with their students and working on their scholarship and research. The other 12 new hires replace professors who have retired or left the University.

Below are links to online profiles on the new professors:

Erdogan Bakir
Department of Economics

Alexandra Block
Department of English

Jose Cardenas Bunsen
Department of Spanish

Bethany Collier
Department of Music

Jordi Comas
Department of Management

Anjalee Deshpande-Nadkarni
Department of Theatre and Dance

Doug Gabauer
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mark Haussmann
Department of Biology

James Higbie
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Robert Jacob
Department of Geology

John Kloke
Department of Mathematics

Jason Leddington
Department of Philosophy

Barry Long
Department of Music

Elizabeth Marin
Department of Biology

Dustyn Martincich
Department of Theatre and Dance

Jason McCloskey
Department of Spanish

Berhanu Nega
Department of Economics

Jessica Newlin
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Adam Piggott
Department of Mathematics

Greta Polites
Department of Management

Tom Selby
Department of Chemistry

Atiya Stokes-Brown
Department of Political Science

Bridget Sweet
Department of Music

Ruth Tincoff
Department of Psychology

Brandon Vogel
Department of Chemical Engineering

Zhiqun Zhu
Departments of Political Science and International Relations

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