Rules and regulations; safety patrols

The board of school directors in any school district may adopt and enforce such reasonable rules and regulations as it may deem necessary and proper, regarding the management of its school affairs and the conduct and deportment of all superintendents, teachers, and other appointees or employes during the time they are engaged in their duties to the district, as well as regarding the conduct and deportment of all pupils attending the public schools in the district, during such time as they are under the supervision of the board of school directors and teachers, including the time necessarily spent in coming to and returning from school.

In the exercise of this authority the board of school directors is empowered to organize school safety patrols and, with the permission of the parents, to appoint pupils as members thereof, for the purpose of influencing and encouraging the other pupils to refrain from crossing public highways at points other than at regular crossings, and for the purpose of directing pupils not to cross highways at times when the presence of traffic would render such crossing unsafe. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize or permit the use of any safety patrol member for the purpose of directing vehicular traffic, nor shall any safety patrol member be stationed in that portion of the highway intended for the use of vehicular traffic. No liability shall attach either to the school district, or any individual director, superintendent, teacher, or other school employe, by virtue of he organization maintenance, or operation of a school safety patrol organized, maintained, and operated under authority of this section.

All flags, belts, apparel and devices issued, supplied or furnished to persons acting in the capacity of special school police or special police appointed to control and direct traffic at or near schools, in order to enhance the conspicuity of such persons, shall be made from retro-reflective and fluorescent materials visible both day and night at three hundred (300) feet to approaching motorists using lawful low beam headlights and shall conform to standards specifications, or regulations issued by the State Board of Education. All belts supplied or furnished to pupils active in the capacity of school safety patrol members shall be fluorescent.

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