Sec. 1317 - Authority of teachers, vice principals and principals over pupils

Every teacher, vice principal and principal in the public schools shall have the right to exercise the same authority as to conduct and behavior over the pupils attending his school, during the time they are in attendance, including the time required in going to and from their homes, as the parents, guardians or persons in parental relation to such pupils may exercise over them. HISTORY: 7-25-63, Act 169, § I (PL 315), eff. 9-23-63 3-10-49, Act 14, Art Xlll, § 1317 (PL 30); 5-18-11, § 1 10 (PL 309)

Regulations of the State Board of Education

12.16 Definitions

22 Pa Code 12.5 Corporal punishment

(a) Corporal punishment is defined as physically punishing a student for an infraction of the discipline policy. Use of corporal punishment is prohibited. (b) Teachers and school authorities may use reasonable force under the following circumstances: (1) To quell a disturbance. (2) To obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects. (3) For the purpose of self-defense. (4) For the protection of persons or property. The provisions of this § 12.5 amended February 17, 1984, effective February 18, 1984, 14 Pa.B. 520; amended December 2, 2005, effective December 3, 2005, 35 Pa.B. 6510, 6658.

School Board Policy

The Regulations of the State Board of Education at 22 Pa. Code 12.5(a) state " Corporal punishment....may be administered by teachers and school officials to discipline students when authorized by, and in accordance with policies and quidelnes established by, the board of school directors."





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