Recycling at Bucknell

Please view a pdf of items that can be recycled in our Single Stream Recycling program.

Recycling is restricted to Bucknell University use.  Lewisburg residents are requested to use the Wolfe Field Recycling Center.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my plate or "to-go" container has food remnants on it?
A: It is still single stream recycling. Minor food contamination is acceptable.

Q: Are Pizza boxes recyclable?
A: Yes, but no pizza please.

Q: What do I do with cardboard?
A: Cardboard is acceptable in Single Stream Recycling but it is also bulky, so break it down to leave room for other recyclables, or take it directly to the dumpster area. Facilities will still pick up large amounts of cardboard separately as we have in the past.

Q: Can I bring items from off campus?
A: No, there are still Bucknell resources involved and we are not resourced to serve the community.

Q: Can I put trash in restrooms cans?
A: No, restroom cans are for restroom items only.

Q: What about my desk-side can?
A: Most office items are single stream recycling. If you have food items they should be taken to the nearest Trash can and not placed in desk-side cans.

Q: What about ink cartridges?
A: Specialty items such as ink cartridges, lab waste, batteries, oil, electronics, hazardous waste, etc. are not affected by this change. Those separate programs will continue as in the past.

Q: What about outside cans?
A: We are not there yet. For now, all outside cans will be trash. That change is coming soon.

Q: How do I identify which can is trash and which is single stream? 
A: We have placed stickers on cans and in the future, we will be changing SSR cans to be blue in color.


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