The following charges cover the two regular academic semesters. All charges are to be paid in full before the beginning of each semester.

  • Tuition: $49,878
  • Student Activities Fee: $274
  • Room: $7,450
  • Board (Anytime Access): $4,766
  • Total Tuition and Fees: $62,368

Additional Financial Information

Payment of Tuition and Fees

  • The fall semester bill will be available in B-bill on or about July 14, 2014, and fall semester payments are due on or before August 15, 2014. Spring semester bills will be available in B-bill on or about December 10, 2014, and spring semester payments are due on or before January 9, 2015. Payments can be made within B-bill, in person or sent to the Cashier in the Office of Finance. Payments received after the deadline will result in a delay of the student's enrollment for that semester. No student will be permitted to enroll for an academic term until all outstanding accounts with the University have been settled.
  • For first-year students, the first semester bill will typically include the following fees: tuition, student activities fee, orientation fee, room and board. The $500 enrollment deposit will be listed on your bill as a credit of ($500).
  • For other students, the bill will vary according to room and board options selected.
  • Scholarships and loans awarded by the University will appear as credits on the bill. Scholarships or loans awarded by other agencies may be deducted from the bill amount and the balance paid to the University. Please note that Bucknell will charge a late fee of 1% of the unpaid balance each billing period for accounts with outstanding balances because of the non-receipt of scholarships or loans.
  • Bucknell Monthly Payment Plan: If you have questions about the payment plan, please contact Bursar Services in the Finance Office at 570.577.3733. First payments are due June 1, 2014.
  • The University will not accept post-dated checks for payment, nor will credit card payments be accepted.

Other University Fees and Charges

(The following charges are subject to change without notice. Some academic departments may charge fees or require deposits separate from those listed here.)

  • Auditing - per course (nonrefundable): $150
  • Credit by examination - per course (nonrefundable): $225
  • Music, private lessons (nonrefundable). Individual per semester: TBD
  • Orientation Fee: TBD
  • Single course rate (subject to tuition refund policy): TBD
  • Transcripts -- Official copy (nonrefundable): $3

Student Activities Fee

  • The student activities fee is charged each semester to all full-time undergraduate students except those participating in off-campus study programs.

Orientation Fee

  • Questions regarding orientation and the related orientation fee should be directed to the Division of Student Affairs at 570.577.1638

Off Campus Non-Bucknell Programs

  • Students attending non-Bucknell off-campus programs will be charged Bucknell tuition less a $1,929 credit. Bucknell will pay the semester tuition of the program directly to the program provider. The program's tuition bill should come to the Office of International Education. For some programs, tuition charges will be lower than Bucknell tuition. The differential amount remains at Bucknell and is applied to the same University costs that tuition always covers. It cannot be applied to non-tuition costs. Bucknell will pay supplemental semester tuition charges that appear on the program's bill to Bucknell, unless these charges are for non-required coursework above and beyond a full semester load of four credits (equal to 15-16 semester hours of credit). Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of International Education by phone at 570.577.3796 or e-mail intled@bucknell.edu.

Off Campus Bucknell Programs

  • All students attending Bucknell off-campus programs (Bucknell in London, Bucknell en France, Bucknell en España, Bucknell in Barbados) will be charged Bucknell tuition and room and for Bucknell en France meals will be charged as well. If an accepted student elects not to participate in the program there may be additional charges for expenses already incurred such as housing, airfare, and others paid on behalf of the student. In some cases these expenses are paid months in advance and no credit is available to the University. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of International Education by phone at 570.577.3796 or e-mail intled@bucknell.edu.

Fraternity/Sorority Charges

  • Each fraternity is provided the opportunity to bill its members for room (if living in a non-University-owned facility), meal plan, chapter dues, and social dues through B-bill. Each sorority is provided the opportunity to bill its members for chapter and social dues through B-bill. If your son's fraternity or your daughter's sorority elects to use this service, your son or daughter will sign a billing card authorizing the organization's charges to be posted on his/her University bill. Questions regarding the charge(s) should be addressed to your son or daughter, the treasurer of the fraternity or sorority, or the Dean of Students office by phone at 570.577.1602 or e-mail greekfees@bucknell.edu.

Telephone Toll Service

  • Direct-dial long-distance toll service is available to residence hall residents. Students must contract with the University to receive this service. This is not a service provided by the local telephone company. Charges for toll calls and other billable charges will be added to the account of each student who has a contract.

How often are bills generated?

  • The fall semester student account statement is available in mid-July; the spring statement is available in early December. Additional statements for personal charges, including bookstore, health services, and other miscellaneous charges are available on a monthly basis during the academic year.

Bookstore Charges

  • All full-time students may charge purchases at Barnes & Noble at Bucknell University. Charges for these purchases will be added to the account of each student.

Residence Hall Damage Charges

  • The University holds resident students responsible for any unassigned loss, damage, repair or replacement of the furnishings, door, windows, walls, and the condition of the room during the term of occupancy. Furthermore, since living in a University residence is a privilege accompanied by certain responsibilities associated with community living, resident students assume responsibility for unassigned loss or damage to any property in the public area (lounges, hallways, bathrooms, etc.) within the community. The charge for communal damage is posted on the hall as those damages occur. However, individual room damages and unassigned damage occurring in communal areas are posted on a resident's bill at the conclusion of each semester.

Other Financial Policies

  • No student will be enrolled or graduated, and no student will be issued a transcript of record, until all accounts have been paid or satisfactory arrangements have been made with Bursar Services.
  • Payments must be made by the bill's due date, or a late fee of 1% of the outstanding balance will be assessed each billing period until the account is settled.
  • A past due balance may result in the suspension of Bucknell charging privileges. The charge privileges will not be reinstated until the account is paid in full.
  • A penalty fee of $25 will be charged for any non-sufficient fund payment made by check or ACH.
  • If your account is forwarded to our collection agency, you will also be responsible for paying any collection fees associated with the collection of this debt.

Banking Services

  • The services of several banking institutions are available in the Lewisburg area. Two automatic teller machines are located on the campus in the Langone Center.
  • A banking institution in your hometown may be accessed through the ATM if the bank is part of the "MAC", "PLUS", "Cirrus" and other networks as noted on the ATM.
  • Limited check cashing services are available at the Cashier's office in 108 Marts Hall.

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