campuswide One word, as are statewide, worldwide and similar constructions. But, University-wide and similar constructions in which the root word has more than two syllables require a hyphen.

capitalization Avoid unnecessary capitalization. Consult first specific entries in this style guide, AP style and then Merriam Webster Online for further guidance.

Career Development Center Avoid using the CDC acronym, except in multiple references, as it may be confused with other organizations.

Carnegie Building

CD Acceptable in all references to compact disc.

chair Use instead of chairman, chairwoman or chairperson when referring to the academic position. Capitalize when used as a title before a name.

Christy Mathewson Memorial Gateway This refers collectively to the area that includes the gates, which may be referred to separately as the Christy Mathewson Gates.

Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium Honors both Christy Mathewson and Bucknell University veterans, thus the hyphen for clarity.

classes, courses Capitalize the titles of courses, but not the terms class, course, capstone or foundation seminar when used alone. Do not italicize or place in quotes. Example: Applied Behavioral Psychology.

class years For internal and alumni publications, identify class years following alumni names with an apostrophe and the last two digits of the graduation year, unless referring to the first decade of the 1900s and earlier years. Add M for alumni with master’s degrees and P for parents of students or graduates. Examples: John Smith ’08, Jane Jones M’08, Michael Smith P’10. For news copy, use a Class of (apostrophe-last two digits) construction separated by commas, and explain master’s and other exceptions. Examples: John Smith, Class of ’08; Jane Jones, Class of 1908; Michael Smith is the father of Jane Smith, Class of 2010.

coed Use female student instead if necessary for description. Otherwise, coed is acceptable as an adjective to describe coeducational institutions.

Coleman Hall

college Capitalize only as part of a proper name. Example: Boston College. Bucknell University has two colleges and one school: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering and the School of Management.

commas in a series Commas should not be used before the “and” in a series, except when excluding them could create confusion, such as after an item joined by an “and” or in longer constructions. Examples: The colors are red, white and blue. Her majors are animal behavior, cell biology and biochemistry, and neuroscience.

commencement Capitalize only when referring to a specific graduation ceremony.

commons building the MacDonald Commons Building.

comprise Means consists of. Do not use comprised of.

Cooley Hall

courtesy titles Do not use courtesy titles, such as Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss, except in direct quotations. The same rule applies to Dr., which should be used only for individuals who hold medical degrees: doctors of dental surgery, medicine, osteopathy or podiatric medicine. See doctor, academic titles and titles (people).

curriculum Use curricula for the plural form.

cyber-, cyberspace All cyber- constructions are over-used and should be avoided. If used, follow the general rule for prefixes and do not use a hyphen before a word starting with a consonant: cybercafé.

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