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data A plural noun, it normally takes plural verbs and pronouns.

dates See days, months, years.

datelines All news stories posted online and distributed as news releases should include a dateline at the beginning of the first paragraph with the city (in all-caps) and state (following AP abbreviation style) from where the news is originating. Consult AP style for cities that stand alone. Example: LEWISBURG, Pa. – Bucknell University is among the most selective institutions …

Davis Gym

days, months, years For news copy, spell out months without days and abbreviate months with days, except for March, April, May, June and July. Abbreviations for others: Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. Do not use the year unless it is needed to specify a date other than the current year. Always use Arabic figures for dates, without st, nd, rd or th, except in constructions such as 15th of December. Examples: Jan. 15, 2007; Aug. 11; September 1968.

days of the week Spell out; do not abbreviate. In news copy, use specific days with dates to avoid confusion. Example: Classes begin Monday, Aug. 22. See days, months, years.

dean Lowercase unless preceding a name.

dean’s list Lowercase in all uses.

decades Use Arabic figures, apostrophes to indicate missing numerals and an s to show plural. Examples: 1980s, the ’70s, the mid-1930s.

degrees See academic degrees.

Development and Alumni Relations Use DAR only in internal communications. Spell out otherwise.

director Lowercase unless preceding a name.

disabled, handicapped In general, do not describe a person as disabled unless it is clearly pertinent to the story. Avoid handicapped altogether.

doctor Use Dr. in first reference as a formal title only before the names of individuals who hold medical degrees: doctors of dental surgery, medicine, osteopathy or podiatric medicine. It should not be used for individuals who hold other types of doctoral degrees, or Ph.D.s.

doctorate, doctoral Doctorate is a noun. Doctoral is an adjective. Examples: He earned a doctorate. She is a doctoral student. Both are preferred over Ph.D.

domain names, URLs, websites, e-mail addresses The full address, minus the http://www, should be used. You may include the www in certain circumstances in which it is unclear that you are referring to a web address. All letters should be lowercased except in web addresses that require capitals. Proper punctuation should be used if an address ends a sentence or is used in a series. Examples: jsmith@bucknell.edu, bucknell.edu and bucknell.edu/x46333.xml.

dorms, dormitories Use residence hall or residence halls instead.

DVD The acronym for digital video disc is acceptable in all references.

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