MacDonald Commons Building

magazine names Capitalize and italicize (contrary to AP style); do not place in quotes. Lowercase magazine unless it is part of the publication’s formal title. Examples: Bucknell Magazine, Time magazine, Newsweek.

majors Lowercase except proper nouns. Example: Her majors are chemistry and French.

Malesardi Quadrangle The official name of the main academic quadrangle formed by the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library, Coleman Hall and the Vaughan Literature Building. Use Malesardi Quadrangle on first reference. May abbreviate to Quad on subsequent references.  

Marts Hall

middle names, initials Avoid using unless it is preferred by the subject. Bucknell’s president prefers John C. Bravman in formal listings. See names.

Master of Arts, Master of Science May also be referred to as a master’s degree or master’s unless specificity about the type of degree is imperative. Note the apostrophe. See academic degrees.

media When referring to mass communication such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online, the word is plural.

midnight Avoid the redundancy of placing a 12 in front of midnight. See time.
money Use $ before figures for dollars and cents after figures for amounts less than $1. Use decimals only for dollar amounts that include cents. For millions or more, use the first figure and up to two decimal points along with million, billion, etc. Examples: 55 cents, $1, $2.44, $3 million, $14.55 billion. However, spell out to avoid awkward constructions, particularly in quotes: “I gave him one dollar for each A on his report card,” John Smith said. See numbers, numerals.

months See days, months, years.

MP3 A popular digital audio file format.

MySpace See social networking.

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