June 02, 2009

A bipedal robot takes its first steps in Dana Engineering's Product Development Laboratory.

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Sam Alcorn

LEWISBURG, Pa. – It's no visual illusion. A story about a Bucknell University professor who won an international visual illusions contest was our top web story in May.

Based on reader views, the top five web stories in May in order were:

Visual illusion wins international competition
Professor Art Shapiro and a research team that included two Bucknell graduates won first place in an international visual illusions contest. The nifty new illusion – called the "Break of the Curveball" – could go a long way toward explaining why batters in baseball can have so much trouble hitting the pitch.

900 to graduate at Bucknell's 159th commencement
Thousands of family and friends were expected to join Bucknell's Class of 2009 on the Academic Quadrangle on May 17 to celebrate the University's 159th commencement.

Wiesel tells graduates 'never be indifferent'
Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel recalled being warned to not go to Auschwitz. "If we'd known, we would have been saved. That has haunted me to this day," Wiesel told several thousand people on Bucknell's Academic Quadrangle for the University's 159th Commencement. "Remember that it is possible by a kind of indifference to do so much to help evil triumph. Never be indifferent."

Engineers demonstrate legged robots' first steps
It whirred to life and inched out of Dana Engineering's Product Development Laboratory bay door and stood tall and straight on two dynamic gyroscope-balanced wheels. It turned left, right and back in a graceful pirouette. "It" was tBot, a four-wheeled robot being developed in collaboration by Bucknell engineers and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. It won't win any dancing competitions just yet, but as a prototype it was showing some fancy footwork.

Commencement 2009: Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel text
This is the verbatim text of Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel's address at Bucknell's 159th Commencement on May 17.

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