teenager No hyphen.

telephone numbers Use figures and hyphens, without parentheses for area codes, which should be included in all news and web copy. Example: 570-577-3698.

television programs See titles (works).

theater Use this spelling except in proper names using the alternate spelling, theatre. Examples: I am studying theater. I saw a play last night in the Tustin Studio Theatre. The play is produced by the Department of Theatre at Bucknell University.

third world Use developing country(ies) or developing nation(s) instead, following modern practice.

time Use figures except for noon and midnight. Use a colon to separate hours from minutes: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3:30 p.m. Noon and midnight should stand alone, and redundancies such as 10 p.m. Monday night should be avoided. (In the last case, p.m. stands for night, so the latter is unnecessary.)

titles (people) In general, confine capitalization to formal titles used directly before an individual’s name. Examples: Provost John Smith, Director of Finance Jane Smith; but Jane Smith, director of finance, or, the provost issued a statement. See academic titles and courtesy titles.

titles (works) Capitalize the principal words, including prepositions and conjunctions of four or more letters, and capitalize articles or words of fewer than four letters if they appear at the beginning or end of a title.

The following types of titles should be italicized:

  • Albums
  • Books
  • Computer and video games
  • Court cases
  • Dissertations
  • Exhibitions
  • Full-length plays
  • Magazines
  • Movies
  • Musical works such as operas and musicals
  • Newspapers
  • Online news outlets (e.g., The Huffington Post, Politico, Salon)
  • Ships and airplanes
  • Scientific names
  • Spacecrafts
  • Television and radio shows
  • Trains
  • Works of art
  • Works that include sections, such as anthologies or collections

When italic formatting is unavailable, such as in online, plain-text fields, do not substitute quotation marks for italics but continue to follow the capitalization guidelines.

Sections of longer works and certain other titles should be placed in quotation marks*, including:

  • Articles
  • Book chapters
  • Essays
  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Poems
  • Songs and musical compositions
  • Speeches
  • Television show episodes
  • Work that is included in an anthology or collection

*Quotes in headlines should be denoted with single quotation marks.

today, tonight, tomorrow, yesterday Use the day of the week and a date instead to avoid confusion. Example: He spoke Tuesday. She will be here Monday. See days, months, years.

Trout Auditorium Housed inside the Vaughan Literature Building.

trustee See Board of Trustees.

TV Acceptable in all references to television.

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