Civil Rights Alternative Spring Break Trip

farmers at NYC

The Civil Rights Alternative Spring break trip offers Bucknell students the rare and exciting opportunity to explore the ongoing legacy of the Civil Rights Movement in a contemporary context.

Student and faculty/staff leaders will investigate historic sites, museums, colleges and archives, interact with key historical players of the movement, and receive special behind-the-scene tours. Students will partner with various community-based, national and/or civic organizations, serving a variety of local constituents.

While considering current conditions of inequality, students will gain an insight on the historical events and policies which shaped our world today, cultivate an appreciation for civic duty and develop a personal knowledge and commitment to preserve important principles of our heritage.

Trip Leader Goals

Student Leaders will help facilitate students' understanding of the many struggles that made up the Civil Rights Movement by planning the trip itinerary and creating a series of mini-curriculum lessons. Leaders also seek to foster cooperation, promote a spirit of generosity, and protect the health, safety and welfare of student participants.

The 2018 trip has been cancelled.