Established by the Bucknell Forum Task Force
August 25, 2009

  • The Speaker Series Task Force will uphold and strengthen the mission, vision and reputation of the University and the goals of The Plan for Bucknell.
  • Through the forum, the Speaker Series Task Force will aim to offer opportunities for Bucknell to provide a model for contemporary discourse.
  • Each Bucknell Forum series will run three semesters and will pursue a broad theme that is made public and is appropriate to Bucknell’s mission and goals. Each semester will have a sub-theme sufficient for the task force to ensure continuity and relevance to the series theme.*
  • The typical semester’s forum events will include one nationally known speaker; one notably accomplished outside academic specialist; and another event featuring a Bucknell graduate or a debate or panel of prominent outside experts or alumni.
  • The Speaker Series Task Force will seek accomplished speakers approaching the forum theme from diverse viewpoints and disciplines who are likely to engage a wide Bucknell constituency.
  • The Speaker Series Task Force will aim for ideological balance of speakers over the full length of each series, not necessarily per semester.
  • The Speaker Series Task Force will encourage active engagement in the nomination of speakers by all programs, departments and organizations throughout the University.
  • The Speaker Series Task Force will promote events widely on campus and in the community to encourage maximum awareness and attendance.
  • The Speaker Series Task Force will seek to maximize institutional discussion of speakers’ ideas by encouraging departments to link appropriate classes or other programs to forum events.
  • The Speaker Series Task Force will encourage events and materials surrounding the forum events to promote productive reflection, debate and discussion on campus about the views expressed by speakers during the series.
  • The Speaker Series Task Force will coordinate forum events to ensure that audience members, especially Bucknell students, have the opportunity to ask questions of speakers.
  • As a speaker series, the Bucknell Forum must focus its resources on Bucknell Forum events and is not able to provide funding to other speaking events. However, for those speaker events requesting promotional assistance, the Bucknell Forum will make every effort to help promote other speaking events, notably through the forum website.
  • Whenever possible through agreement with forum speakers, the task force will have forum events re-broadcast for the local community through myBucknell and, if possible, on public television. The speaker series task force will also seek national media coverage as appropriate to events.

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