Seventeen Bucknell professors were promoted to the rank of associate professor this year. The Board of Trustees awards the rank of associate professor to those individuals who have demonstrated their excellence in teaching, scholarship and service to the University community, as judged by their faculty colleagues, students and alumni.

The new associate professors include an English professor and an environmental studies professor who teamed up with faculty members across campus to create the Bucknell University Environmental Center, a chemist who co-directed the Bucknell in Nicaragua summer course focused on sustainable development, a geographer who team-taught the Bucknell in Ireland program with a psychologist and a biologist who taught Bucknell en France students about wine and cheese making — in French.

As a liberal arts institution, Bucknell emphasizes undergraduate education that teaches critical thinking skills, such as problem solving, creativity and communication. "One of the strengths of Bucknell is that we have a distinctive combination of liberal arts and professional programs," says Provost Mick Smyer. "Our alumni, parents and business leaders tell us that combination is really important for students and alums in the competitive workplace of the 21st century because, increasingly, we are educating students for jobs that don't exist right now."

Whether their focus is sculpture or civil engineering, classics or chemistry, this year's new associate professors challenge their students and themselves to think creatively and cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Follow the links below to read their stories.

Tulu Bayar
Department of Art and Art History

Stephen Buonopane
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Christopher Camuto
Department of English

Karen Castle
Department of Chemistry

Michael Drexler
Department of English

Ken Field
Department of Biology

Michelle Johnson
Department of Anthropology

Stephen Jordan
Department of Biology

Stephanie Larson
Department of Classics

Molly McGuire
Department of Chemistry

Adrian Mulligan
Department of Geography

Timothy Raymond
Department of Chemical Engineering

Roger Rothman
Department of Art and Art History

David Rovnyak
Department of Chemistry

Alf Siewers
Department of English

Peter Wilshusen
Department of Environmental Studies

Virginia Zimmerman
Department of English

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