During a discussion with Class of '07 alumna Jenny Stevens in 2006, Professor Katie Faull became intrigued with the history of a Moravian missionary settlement in Sunbury.

Faull had already received two National Endowment for Humanities grants for her work on the Moravians, but she did not know much about the local mission. She soon learned that a group of Moravians from Central Europe formed an unlikely alliance with the Iroquois Indian Tribes, and that the rich story of that alliance was largely untold.

A professor of German and humanities, Faull recently was awarded a $100,228 grant from NEH for her collaborative research and translations of the mid 18th-century Moravian diaries, most of which were written in German. The project also has been designated an NEH "We the People" project and will be supported in part by funds for that initiative. The goal of "We the People" is to encourage and strengthen the teaching, study and understanding of U.S. history and culture.

Faull's research is part of a larger, cross-disciplinary program at the Bucknell Environmental Center, "Cultures at the Confluence," which involves several efforts to uncover and highlight the history of the Susquehanna River Valley.

"The area of Shamokin which is today Sunbury is largely ignored in terms of its significance as a Native American capital in the 18th century," Faull said. "The Moravian diaries provide more day-to-day details than other records do."