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Richard Rankin Russell's Bernard MacLaverty

Irish Studies has flourished during the past fifty years. Its interests extend from prominent figures such as James Joyce and W.B. Yeats to newer voices such as Eavan Boland and Ciaran Carson, and the discipline continues conversations about women's issues, nationalism, and the Irish language, which have long drawn the attention of Irish writers. In the Contemporary Irish Writers Series, Bucknell University Press aims to contribute to these important ongoing cultural conversations and also to revive Bucknell's historic series in Irish Studies.

The new series continues a tradition of monographs that began in the 1970s with the launch of Bucknell's first Irish Writers Series. This series, under the editorship of J.F. Carens, published titles on 19th- and 20th-century Anglo-Irish writers, such as Sean O'Casey, W.R. Rodgers, James Clarence Mangan and Standish O'Grady.

The Contemporary Irish Writers Series, under the editorship of Professor John Rickard, will feature short monographs focusing on single authors. These books will provide an introduction to the author's life as well as interpretative strategies for engaging the author's work. Recognized scholars in Irish Studies will aim to reach a wide readership, including undergraduates, graduate students, Irish Studies scholars, and interested members of the reading public.

Richard Rankin Russell's Bernard MacLaverty is the first book in the series. George Watson, formerly Professor of Irish Literature at the University of Aberdeen, praises the monograph as "lively, comprehensive, and critically acute: it is an admirable account of MacLaverty's art."

Forthcoming titles in the Contemporary Irish Writers Series include Jonathan Allison on Seamus Heaney, J. Fitzpatrick Smith on Ciaran Carson, Borbála Faragó on Medbh McGuckian, and Jody Allen Randolph on Eavan Boland.


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