Volume 145, Number 2

Darwin Day cause for celebration and concern

Today marks the 201st birthday of the man who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection. Charles Darwin has become a symbol of modern science, as well as a controversial figure in churches and public schools.

The content of Darwin's theory-that species have evolved from a common ancestor through changes in genetic material-has inspired scientists and philosophers to fathom the implications of such a theory. What can be said about the human condition? What is the human place in the natural world?


Sanctions are only a part of the solution

Defense Secretary Robert Gates' statement saying that the pressure track is "the only path" to deter Iran from continuing its uranium enrichment program should raise some concerns.

Increasing pressure on Iran through tougher economic sanctions could be an effective move, but pressure alone can only do so much. By understanding the motives behind Iran's drive towards nuclear power, we can find ways to meet Iran's goals through other less-threatening means.


Performances in library disrupt nearby students

Continuing to hold weekly performances in the library would be unfair to everyone involved. While any venue would have its own unique logistical issues-most would require microphones-a library's quiet nature is a virtue no campus should abuse. I have the utmost respect for those who organized this series, but its current location undermines a library's fundamental purpose and does a disservice to the students and faculty scheduled to perform there.  


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